What is the Online Privacy bill?

Representative Michael E. Capuano called out the Online Privacy Bill Donald J. Trump wants to sign. What exactly is that bill and those "sellable" datas? Let's see!

04/03/2017 1:25 PM
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  • Shalena S.
    04/03/2017 15:28

    This Bill has nothing to do with Donald "Your President" but everything to do with and benefit Donald the business man.

  • Jumaane R.
    04/03/2017 15:51

    Little did we's already in place...

  • Christine G.
    04/03/2017 16:46

    It's been going on already!

  • A.B. S.
    04/03/2017 17:09

    I'm fine with better advertisements. But if companies are about to make some big money I want cheaper internet

  • John I.
    04/03/2017 18:04

    Little did they know corporations already do that.

  • Stuart R.
    04/03/2017 18:42

    But by all means, get upset about this and not about the guy at the NSA looking through all your information.

  • Anish N.
    04/03/2017 19:05

    I don't get it how libertarian republicans support this stuff

  • Jesus V.
    04/03/2017 19:26

    Omar Diaz

  • Rodnee S.
    04/03/2017 20:47

    Fake news.. isp, already do this..

  • Lucas H.
    04/03/2017 21:37

    But that already happens with web searches lol

  • Matt K.
    04/03/2017 22:05

    This isn't new.. sorry to break it to you but it's already been happening

  • Thomas D.
    04/03/2017 22:21

    What about this is bad? I'm going to see ads either way so I prefer that I see ads for things I actually want Or would use. As of now I haven't been able to even imagine a negative consequence to this that isn't on the same level of crazy as a Martian conspiracy theory. Someone please tell me a possible scenario where this ends in disaster that's actually reasonably possible.