What is the Online Privacy bill?

Representative Michael E. Capuano called out the Online Privacy Bill Donald J. Trump wants to sign. What exactly is that bill and those "sellable" datas? Let's see!

04/03/2017 1:25 PM


  • Joseph R.
    04/04/2017 13:36

    Facebook sells your data, Amazon sells your data, Google sells your data, Twitter sells your data, how do you think these companies make money while offering a free service?

  • JD S.
    04/04/2017 12:27

    PSA from the sain people of the United' States.

  • JD S.
    04/04/2017 12:26

    Hey ! donald Trump please, please "Kill yourself​"

  • Joshua H.
    04/04/2017 08:29

    🤣🤣🤣 what was protecting peoples isp. Was only effective for a year. Trump just turned back the clock. Static VPN people! Hahha

  • Shawno R.
    04/04/2017 06:50

    Sick people take away all our privacy

  • Obey D.
    04/04/2017 06:43

    Impeach Nazi Trump!!! 😡😡

  • Todd M.
    04/04/2017 04:56

    I mean if they wanna know how poor I am and what porn I like I think they'll be upset....

  • Jay W.
    04/04/2017 04:02

    no on it.

  • Josh W.
    04/04/2017 02:30

    To take away from the anger for a moment... This man is seriously a hero

  • Timothy I.
    04/04/2017 02:21

    Lol: dear everyone on Facebook, Please read your user agreement policy and realize this is a non issue! Dear person who made this video, You're a dipshit!

  • JT S.
    04/04/2017 01:36

    I just bought a car looked up nootropics and now facebook puts advertisements on my page

  • Jorden S.
    04/04/2017 01:09

    His job isn't to see if the laws are constitutional or not Alcides, thats actually what the supreme court is for so maybe you are the one that needs a basic government course on what it is each branch of government is responsible for and how its supposed to implement a checks and balances system

  • Catlynn S.
    04/04/2017 00:56

    They already do that dipshit! Way before your new president.

  • Danny G.
    04/04/2017 00:11


  • Todd B.
    04/03/2017 23:44

    😂😂😂😂 Jesus Christ they've been doing this forevaaa

  • Julian R.
    04/03/2017 23:41

    you ok with the prez doing this

  • Ryan S.
    04/03/2017 23:40

    I interned for Mike Capuano interesting stuff

  • Thomas D.
    04/03/2017 22:21

    What about this is bad? I'm going to see ads either way so I prefer that I see ads for things I actually want Or would use. As of now I haven't been able to even imagine a negative consequence to this that isn't on the same level of crazy as a Martian conspiracy theory. Someone please tell me a possible scenario where this ends in disaster that's actually reasonably possible.

  • Matt K.
    04/03/2017 22:05

    This isn't new.. sorry to break it to you but it's already been happening

  • Lucas H.
    04/03/2017 21:37

    But that already happens with web searches lol

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