1. The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Won’t Be Silenced

  2. The Life of Muhammad Ali

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  12. The Controversial Legacy of Conor McGregor

  13. Meet LeBron James

  14. Incredible dancer is shredding stereotypes

  15. 1st Trans Man To Compete And Win A Pro Boxing Match

  16. 1st Ever Male Cheerleaders Perform At The Super Bowl

  17. ALS Can't Keep Ex-NFL Player Down

  18. Tennis superstar gets whitewashed in new ad

  19. 6-Year-Old BMX Daredevil

  20. Forced To Cut His Dreadlocks or Forfeit

  21. "Little Messi" Forced To Flee From His Home

  22. Innovative Training Empowers Disabled Veterans

  23. First-Ever Female Division I Football Coach

  24. Brazilian Trans Soccer Team

  25. Women's Soccer Team Tackles Inequality on the Pitch

  26. This Dancer is Breaking Stereotypes

  27. Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to officially run a marathon

  28. Muslim American Night At Baseball Game

  29. Serena Goes Topless for Breast Cancer Awareness

  30. Ultramarathoner Challenges What Healthy Can Look Like

  31. NFL's First Male Cheerleaders 📣

  32. Beto O'Rourke Defends NFL Players Taking a Knee

  33. Do you know Chase Tag?

  34. 3 times athletes stood up for racial justice

  35. Girls soccer champions

  36. Despacito, a soccer anthem

  37. McEnroe vs. Williams

  38. Sanya Richards on abortion in sports

  39. Coming out as a NFL player

  40. Soccer champion defends young girl

  41. Being black in the US.

  42. Weed to heal sport injuries?

  43. Sexism in sports still going strong

  44. Tom Brady or Matt Ryan ?

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