Djokovic's Australian Open controversy

Tennis champion Novak Djokovic was detained in Australia for his decision not be vaccinated. Today, after days of tension, he was released. But his chance to play in the Australian Open may still be in jeopardy ... Here's a timeline of Djokovic's Australian Open controversy..

01/10/2022 9:19 PM


  • Prem K.
    01/19/2022 05:14

    Why this much drama ? Just take the damn vaccine and play…

  • Theresa V.
    01/18/2022 23:17

    For your information, your translation is incorrect. Nowhere he does not say he is against vaccination! This shows how much you make something out of him in this situation, that he is not. Here he says: "there is talk of vaccination, whether it will be in 12 or 18 months."(this is correct translation) After that, he only added that he would not like if someone blackmailed him with a vaccine if it was not tested by the end, because he wants to know what he would inject into his body in that case! Stop saying lies!!!

  • Kumar S.
    01/18/2022 23:05

    Fuck off this is Australia not a serbia.everyone is treated equally.very well done mr prime minister.clowns will not understand whats goin on.thats why his other name is joker

  • Shayne H.
    01/18/2022 19:31

    No Vaccine no entry period. Stupid Novak

  • Siddharth R.
    01/18/2022 10:14

    Love Rafa even more for taking a clear and correct stand

  • Ami A.
    01/18/2022 07:18

    Let's enjoy tenis forget the Joker.

  • David K.
    01/18/2022 02:27

    Every person vaxxed or unvaxxed is a spreader . The Vax doesn't prevent spread It doesn't prevent getting it . It doesn't prevent death . So it does have some side effects including death from some of the side effects. Reduce my statistically low low chances of death or take on potential big circle. No winning policy .

  • Alok G.
    01/17/2022 19:29

    Well-done Australian Government... Laws should be equal for everyone...

  • Mohamed R.
    01/17/2022 19:15

    If Serbia is Novak and Novak is Serbia then start a tournament named Serbian Open exclusively for Anti-Vaccine supporters and players... And mam it's called Quarantine and not prison, probably you or your son never knew it till date.... There is no room for Anti-Vaccine supporters when millions have lost there lives forget livelihood...For majority of the people in this world life is not just a game of 1 or 2 hours... FYI, it's Australian Open...Their rules, their game...

  • Joel M.
    01/17/2022 19:13

    Australian sheep 🐑 🐑🐑🐑, jalous people which cannot handle someone else getting an exemption ! If the number one in the world doesn’t get it, who will ? Is Australians are afraid of one player they also have the choice to stay home !

  • Arben M.
    01/17/2022 16:08

    Animal 🦓 sorry to offend animals 😛

  • Dizzy M.
    01/17/2022 14:21

    And you can tell how manipulated society is by the comments section when's the last time you did actual scientific research and didn't listen to media articles....

  • Maria F.
    01/17/2022 13:55

    Don't forget the people detained for years there. At least he go leave anything he wished. has been locked up since 15 now 22.

  • Sanja K.
    01/17/2022 13:04

    They did not translate truthfully what he said, he said in Serbian something on the lines the word is that in 18 months there will be mandate of vaccines and they translated he is opposed to it.

  • Darren S.
    01/17/2022 10:46

    Natural immunity don't make money, that's the answer, no. 2 it's communist system, that God people that have media coveridge resist this madness

  • Ajit A.
    01/17/2022 10:11

    This is what happens when you take refugees. Still the world doesn't understand the problems and continue to entertain them. The refugees can't adapt to the new country's rules and eventually cause trouble for the natives.

  • Sanjukta M.
    01/17/2022 06:39

    He was always a crazy ****

  • Siddharth S.
    01/17/2022 04:12

    Rules are rules…..i love it….dont wanna get the jab its fine…..but you not welcome here then…like all the others

  • Doug B.
    01/17/2022 02:53

    Here's an instructional website for those who believe Australia should ignore it's own laws and allow a rich and famous non-citizen to enter regardless.

  • Kikruma V.
    01/17/2022 02:39

    Why only vaccinated people are afraid of corona.stupid funny people. The unvaccinated must be. Useless vaccine shame politics

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