Female sports reporters against harassment and groping

Female sports reporters across the world are taking a stand against harassment and groping.

07/05/2019 11:57 AMupdated: 08/06/2020 1:12 PM


  • Gary H.
    03/02/2021 16:27

    Females everywhere of all ages Need to tell there Parents and friends to Stop voting for Democrats. If you dont Men who compete with you will win 95% of your competitions.

  • Nanovyurbizniz R.
    08/23/2020 10:27

    Please like and share my video Female muay thai player

  • Nanovyurbizniz R.
    08/23/2020 10:21

    Please like and share my video Female muay thai player

  • Samantha S.
    07/09/2019 09:04

    read the comments

  • Ricky R.
    09/26/2018 04:34

    Why we dont want third world mass immigration ladies but you seem to want to invite these degenerates in.

  • Rafael G.
    09/25/2018 17:03

    Aprobechados honbre que bea a otro asiendole esto a una reporteta que esta asiendo su trabajo metanle en la cara

  • Miguel A.
    09/23/2018 17:08

    May I ask, Why this reporters and journaist dont have some personal secutrity from the company they work??

  • Nathalie G.
    09/20/2018 09:47

    1:13 omg

  • Scott S.
    09/18/2018 02:17

    But this is ok ?

  • Nate M.
    09/18/2018 02:04

    Ok people are drunk or stupid they make a bad decision and these women get salty about it smh

  • Shawn W.
    09/17/2018 17:19

    Frickin pigs... seriously

  • Yardster S.
    09/16/2018 05:03


  • Jeffrey P.
    09/15/2018 12:52

    This happens to male reporters as well but I guess most of them don't mind at all. It's funny how men and women take things In general so differently

  • Misael M.
    09/14/2018 04:00

    This is definitely NOT the standard men are held up to. These are boys, and these women did not deserve this.

  • Rex K.
    09/13/2018 12:04

    Men and women are in no way equal. They are two different animals

  • Ben B.
    09/11/2018 17:39


  • Malena S.
    09/11/2018 04:19

    Is violence!

  • Scoggins S.
    09/10/2018 06:15

    Se fosse Neymar beijando, elas iriam amar 🤔

  • Genaro M.
    09/10/2018 05:12

    Hey it also happens to men why dont we speak up?🤔

  • Luis C.
    09/09/2018 16:48

    Mexican or Brazilian women? I think they are speaking in Portuguese or not?

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