First-Ever Female Division I Football Coach

As the first-ever female Division I football coach, she's busting up one of the country's biggest boys' clubs. 🏈

10/29/2018 5:01 PMupdated: 04/04/2019 8:13 PM


  • Selenia S.
    11/03/2018 01:06

    I thought a man the voice hair I honestly could not tell I thought it was a mistake in the headline sorry

  • Sarah F.
    11/01/2018 05:59

    I don't trust the eyes and can't stand to watch him or her.

  • Punnel P.
    11/01/2018 02:53

    That's not a woman

  • Kayla C.
    11/01/2018 00:48

    Women can have masculine features and a masculine aesthetic. It doesn’t change the fact that they’re women. Sometimes women have hormonal imbalances or take steroids (generally speaking, not accusing her of taking them) which can alter a woman’s appearance and voice. Science, it’s amazing, I know.

  • Jeremy S.
    10/31/2018 18:24

    how the hell is that female...talks like a man moves like a man has no boobs....IM CONFUSED???????

  • صابر م.
    10/31/2018 17:52


  • Jason C.
    10/30/2018 21:33

    Coach or glorified ‘gofer’?

  • Jim L.
    10/30/2018 21:05

    That voice is not female....

  • Jim L.
    10/30/2018 21:04

    Wait.. not a transition..?

  • Ash R.
    10/30/2018 10:36

    Some of these comments are obnoxious. Newsflash, women can have short hair and not be stereotypically feminine and still be women. What year are you people living in where all men and all women are cookie cutter ideas of what you think those labels mean?

  • Catherine S.
    10/30/2018 09:57

    Thank you for this Brut 💕💕 women do not have to conform to the norm to be valid to society!

  • Ikahn E.
    10/30/2018 07:31

    So.... No breasts. Ultra macho. Identifies as a woman. Now I'm cornfused....(not a typo)

  • Rupert S.
    10/30/2018 02:41

    There's no way that this is a woman!

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