Green Beret Stands for Kaepernick

Nate Boyer is a Green Beret veteran — and he was the one who convinced Colin Kaepernick that it was okay to kneel during the anthem. 🇺🇸

09/03/2018 7:01 PM
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  • Jesse G.
    11/15/2019 15:13

    watch this and maybe you’ll have a different aspect on Colin kapernick

  • Michael J.
    11/03/2019 18:13

    What a scumbag and a traitor.

  • Danny H.
    09/23/2019 02:57

    member we talked about this? Member? You member.

  • Joe G.
    09/20/2019 01:46

    I stand to honor the promise the flag represents. You kneel because that promise has been broken. I stand to affirm my belief that all are created equal, and to fight alongside you for that promise. You kneel because too few stand with you. I stand because we can be better. You kneel to remind us to be better. I stand to honor all that have fought and died so that we may be free. You kneel because not all of us are. I stand because I can. You kneel for those who can't. I stand to defend your right to kneel. You kneel to defend my right to stand. I stand because I love this country. You kneel because you love it too. written by: Andrew Freborg

  • Walt M.
    09/06/2019 02:51

    This has been going on for decades. Nothing new here. Every once in a while some pseudo patriot stirs the pot and we go through the whole routine again. Emotions run havoc, the court upholds the right to free speech, congress won’t pass any legislation regarding the flag and the band plays on.. prime example of not learning from the past. As far as I’m concerned, play ball.,

  • Shelby A.
    05/31/2019 20:15

    no “national guard” dude

  • Eric D.
    05/28/2019 06:31

    Now this is 777^

  • Essie B.
    03/22/2019 04:11

    He telling the truth

  • Bruce G.
    02/28/2019 13:14

    Thank U For Ur Service. God Bless U And Ur Family .God Bless America.

  • Yung P.
    02/27/2019 22:52

    You White People Are So Mad Lmaooo 😂

  • Jorge L.
    02/27/2019 16:19

    Nigros monkys son basura que no sirven ni siquiera para reciclar

  • Alejandro R.
    02/25/2019 16:58

    The freedom gig is up. Theres freedom everywhere on this globe just not in America. I respect this man but he is wrong.

  • Conley S.
    02/23/2019 19:32

    He lost his job because he sucked at being a starting quarterback, then he cost the nfl alot of money, hence dont mess with rich peoples money or you will pay the price. He learned the hard way

  • Kenneth M.
    02/23/2019 00:44

    No what you are talking about before you judge a man always no the real stories because black life’s matter more then the flag means to black peoples

  • Angel M.
    02/22/2019 03:37

    Fuc cappernick

  • Michael B.
    02/19/2019 17:47

    Shut up stupid!

  • Tom P.
    02/19/2019 00:40

    Prick shouldn't have gotten a dime

  • Mickey P.
    02/18/2019 23:44

    Your a sick whatever

  • Darren A.
    02/18/2019 04:09

    Yes you are. Go take knee in some place else. Take him with you.. give him a gun instead of a helmet. With his number one his back.

  • James G.
    02/16/2019 21:24

    Watched this last super bowl and 90% of the bar DID NOT stand out of their seat, DID NOT put a hand over the heart, DID NOT take their hats off... just sayin.