Green Beret Stands for Kaepernick

Nate Boyer is a Green Beret veteran — and he was the one who convinced Colin Kaepernick that it was okay to kneel during the anthem. 🇺🇸

09/03/2018 7:01 PM
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  • Terri J.
    07/03/2020 00:01


  • Albert S.
    07/01/2020 05:54

    Hahahahaha all idiots.

  • William I.
    06/22/2020 10:47

    Yes, kneeling during our anthem is in fact disrespectful. Yes, Colin Kaepernick has the right to do it. As a veteran, I also have the right to protest his protest. Our flag and constitution are our common ground as a people. His actions won't bring sweeping changes. They keep calling Trump divisive. But so is Colin Kaepernick.

  • Joe H.
    06/15/2020 13:53

    I consider every Veteran a brother, you are not

  • Scott F.
    06/14/2020 17:07

    it NEVER was about disrespecting the American flag or the National Anthem.

  • Jay C.
    06/13/2020 20:06

    Since few corrupted cops need to go and jail for their wrongdoings they clearly abuse their powers so they are very dead wrong. For those who resist and refuse to cooperate they are inciting and provoke so chill out. Just cooperate and less violent they will be

  • Jay C.
    06/13/2020 20:02

    Well Statsic from criminal justice show much different. Higher percent white killed by colored include white cops comparing to black killed by cops so lower but higher percent black killed by black alone so all riots started because of lower percent in black killed by cops destroy everything and people killed as well as people lost their jobs due destruction on companies they work for. I disagree this look at MLK had protest in peaceful way and did change things. Now protestors turn violent and you think that it will change I think not it make the worst

  • Renardo P.
    06/12/2020 02:09

    what you think about this video?

  • Laura H.
    06/11/2020 09:41

    That you so much for speaking out. It won't matter unfortunately but speaking is always a good thing! Thank you.

  • Marguerite R.
    06/09/2020 22:40

    That flag was build on the back black people his drenched with our blood

  • Gerald M.
    06/09/2020 12:14

    I agree speak fir yourself I will always stand for my flag!

  • Elmore M.
    06/09/2020 05:10

    Let's remind them why and how this whole thing came about

  • Nils R.
    06/08/2020 02:23

    It was never about the flag or troops until someone said it was. What a convienent way to avoid an uncomfortable conversation.

  • Meg A.
    06/07/2020 04:21


  • Tony B.
    06/07/2020 01:47

    NFL,Knell Every Game

  • Dryl P.
    06/06/2020 23:28

    for more understanding about kneeling.

  • Regina C.
    06/06/2020 19:33 this way

  • Don R.
    06/06/2020 08:56

    Americans list the freedoms you fought for?

  • Vijay N.
    06/06/2020 03:11

    For the last four months, these educated agitators have been saying that, by keeping a distance of 6 feet, corona virus infection can be avoided. But no one in this crowd is walking by making a distance of 6 feet between each other. Actually, everyone is on the streets as a crowd to divert attention from the truth. Earlier, these educated agitators, politicians, journalists were all masks and harassing people in the name of 6 feet distance. Those who did not wear masks were being beaten, but at that time these educated agitators, leaders, journalists were happy to live in the houses, seeing the sight of torture. Today, the same educated double-minded agitators, conspiracy leaders, journalists are agitating for justice.

  • Francis M.
    06/05/2020 17:53