• Terence F.
    06/30/2017 15:13

    Its a good point though and i don't think its necessary sexist but when referring to the best tennis player ever and if Serena can't beat anyone in the top 100, well then how do you justify that title? Its the same as hockey where the best female hockey player couldn't even break through the upper pro ranks in Europe, let alone the NHL.

  • Nick B.
    06/30/2017 13:01

    At least he didn't lie. Maybe not 700th, but she wouldn't be 1. Murray Federer and Djok would destroy her.

  • Ralph J.
    06/29/2017 19:39

    It would be humiliating if they played & he actually won.

  • Ana S.
    06/29/2017 16:18

    Another old fucktard looking for 5 more min of the good old times... he is over his time is gone so now he rants like a old bitch he is... he just want attention

  • AC C.
    06/29/2017 16:10

    Sarina on her worst day could beat John on his best, and everybody knows it but him. Sad little man, trying to be relevant by trying to write a check he knows his ass can't cash, because he knows she's too classy to humiliate an old-timer like him

  • Angelica H.
    06/29/2017 14:33

    Such an idiotic he is đŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł

  • Alecia D.
    06/29/2017 14:11

    I believe she could take him, but men and women do play differently and that's ok. Differences are ok.

  • Zoey E.
    06/29/2017 13:43

    Prove it... Put her up against Nadal and Federer see who wins I'm all for equality but no even lavar ball could straight face hype her as the best in the world without seeing her play some other competition, truth hurts sometimes but I do think she would be much better than 700th.

  • Mickey M.
    06/29/2017 06:32

    There is no controversy John was pressed to answer a question he answered it he happens to be right!Would you be offended if it's The best the NBA had to offer vs The best the WNBA tell me the Warriors don't win 1000 games to zero against what ever women champs are out there? Is it a Man women thing? Or a Black White thing? Cause Serena said herself she would lose 6-0,6-0 to Andy Murray and that dude isn't Nadal, Djokovic or Federer so she can be offended if she wants but then again she always looking for a reason to run her mouth & pick a fight when there isn't one!

  • Kimberly N.
    06/29/2017 05:55

    We are such pussies these days, easily offended 😒😒😒... he may be right he may be wrong who cares!

  • Jaime B.
    06/29/2017 04:24

    She may be the strongest female but we are talking two different games here. Woman's strength comes from their hips and men's comes from their arms. She will never be the best player overall. Is the best woman player of all time? Yup. We don't compare WNBA to NBA so why get butt hurt here?!

  • Donna T.
    06/29/2017 01:32

    She's not a man so why bring that up if that isn't her lane. She has exceeded excellence in tennis, and I haven't seen a man get that many titles; so yes overall she is the best tennis player. Bringing up if she could beat a man or not is diminishing her legacy and the line she's set for all tennis players across the board. Where's the male version of Serena doing what she's doing 😐

  • Carol V.
    06/29/2017 00:24

    well this is kinda rude!?

  • Roger M.
    06/29/2017 00:06


  • Maxine D.
    06/28/2017 23:27

    Hahaha wow

  • Rie S.
    06/28/2017 21:48

    He was asked and he gave his opinion.He did not bring up the topic. He is entitled to his opinion.I do not know what she would be ranked in men's tennis. If others disagree that is fine. We are making too big of a deal of this. He is not sexist bcuz of this.

  • Meghan S.
    06/28/2017 21:48

    serena could totally. beat this guys ass

  • Natalie T.
    06/28/2017 19:39


  • Steve P.
    06/28/2017 18:57

    Like Bobby Riggs vs. Billy Jean King ... Good to see you haven't changed much Johnny Mac but I would have to lay serious money down to watch you get your 0le-wrinkley-white-ass whooped by Serena ... lol

  • Zachary D.
    06/28/2017 18:46

    Are people actually surprised that John McEnroe said this?

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