Michael Phelps versus a shark round 2

Drama! 😱 Turns out Michael Phelps did NOT really race next to a great white shark. But he had a great answer for disappointed fans.

07/27/2017 4:34 PM
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  • Emily K.
    07/27/2017 18:29


  • Maria N.
    07/27/2017 19:18

    How stupid do you have to be to actually believe that he was going to race a REAL shark.

  • Samerica R.
    07/27/2017 19:21

    Wow proves how dumb and America really is make sense to put trump in office

  • Nemo B.
    07/27/2017 19:41

    If you actually thought this man was gonna be in the water splashing about with the literal oldest killing machine on the planet... Then i can quite safely assume that you only look one way before crossing and you eat your cereal with a fork as well...

  • Zachary A.
    07/27/2017 20:05

    Why would anyone think they would put a man who wins us a gold medal at every Olympics next to a damn shark? Seriously Guys

  • Zachary A.
    07/27/2017 20:10

    Really though, like you honestly thought an actual shark would race him in a straight line to the finish side by side ?

  • Anmolpreet K.
    07/27/2017 20:36


  • Jenelle N.
    07/27/2017 21:00

    "It was a real shark" "you can't get a shark to swim in a straight line" then if it was a real shark how would you get it to swim in a straight line? He knows it was never clear that it was going to be a cgi shark but he doesn't care because he made bank off of it

  • KySean W.
    07/27/2017 21:25

    Did you honestly think he was going to race a real shark. . . And what would have happened if that shark decided to eat his ass? Also when on earth have you ever heard of humans training sharks to race? 😂😂😂 the hell is wrong with y'all?

  • Stephen H.
    07/27/2017 21:36

    Y'all fucking dumb if you thought one of the best athletes in the world was about to race a real shark or be put in any sort of real fanger

  • Staphany Q.
    07/27/2017 22:08

    some people..... 😂

  • Cam P.
    07/27/2017 22:44

    shark week always does this shit. just like they did with the megalodon. got everyone hyped on something that you think is gonna be real and legit and instead put a fuckin cgi in its place. smdh this is lame.

  • John K.
    07/27/2017 23:18

    LOL! shark can swim 40 mph. No human will come even close.

  • Kevin S.
    07/27/2017 23:23

    So let me get this straight America... you heard Michael Phelps races a shark and automatically assumed this man was swimming LITERALLY next to a shark??? You dont think the shark would stop to eat the cocky bastard swimming right next to him?? Do you think Kenyans train by racing next to actual cheetahs???? Hahahaha

  • Lolue V.
    07/27/2017 23:39


  • Alex T.
    07/28/2017 00:05

    What do you think that they were gonna put an actual shark next to them and have them race like the fucking shark wouldn't say fuck this and attack him if it was a real shark the only way I say they could've done it was like in a huge as like im talking about 100 yard wide my like 50 yard long pool with a wall in the middle and the only way to keep the shark to go straight to the finish line is to keep some sort of chum at the finish line to make sure the shark swam straight which wouldn't be fair because the shark would go extra fast because its.going for food not just chilling like it would be

  • Justin E.
    07/28/2017 00:39

    Can't understand anything with that fucking lisp! 😂💯💪🏼

  • Nick U.
    07/28/2017 00:45

    Lmao brutal L

  • Katie S.
    07/28/2017 01:36

    Did he just say that they made the swim swim in a straight line then almost immediately after that say you can't make a shark swim in a straight line?

  • Morgan M.
    07/28/2017 02:45