• Jordan V.
    03/22/2017 23:10

    Talks about sexism... proceeds to show a clip talking about causing harm to a man by kicking his genitals.... fucking stupid

  • Stephanie G.
    03/22/2017 22:58

    How are women so frickin sensitive?? If we were as strong as femi-Nazis think we are, then we wouldn't get so goddamn butthurt.

  • CJ L.
    03/22/2017 21:21

    Wow...Jameis Winston commenting on how a woman should behave???in an elementary school??? Afterbeing ACCUSED OF RAPE AND SETTLING FOR 950 000!!!!!!????? What is he doing talking to children????

  • Hunter R.
    03/22/2017 20:51

    Calm down SJWs

  • Marcus M.
    03/22/2017 19:33

    Ryan McCoy false, there's plenty of females that could stack up to men athletics.

  • Ryan M.
    03/22/2017 19:09

    Except men are miles better at most sports

  • Karl P.
    03/22/2017 17:27

    Sorry but, I'd rather watch NBA while they hit three's from the parking lot, than watch the WNBA Layup contest.

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