The life of Lance Armstrong

From surviving cancer to winning seven consecutive Tour de France titles — and becoming the center of one of the most infamous doping scandals in sports history. This is the life of Lance Armstrong.

06/13/2020 6:00 PM


  • Kenny D.
    5 days

    Cheater, cheater cheater pumpkin eater, just a cheater

  • Perry S.
    6 days

    Biggest loser I ever met..!

  • Eamon T.
    05/10/2021 06:51


  • Gustav K.
    05/08/2021 15:33


  • Julian T.
    05/05/2021 15:52

    A great rider and should go down in history as one of the greatest

  • Donna M.
    05/03/2021 14:15

    I wouldn’t say sorry to Betsy either.

  • Dundunsua Y.
    04/30/2021 17:29

    Wonder what is the real history behind. I still think he wake up everyday to train and do his best Life Taste Good!

  • Didier N.
    04/12/2021 21:35

    Personne n'a pédalé à sa place surtout après avoir survécu à un tel cancer ! La grande majorité des penseurs ne sont jamais montés sur un vélo. Seule son arrogance est à regretter mais elle est certainement à la mesure de ses souffrances. Je déplore l'humiliation qu'on lui réserve, le dopage ne suffisant pas, on voudrait qu'il ait utilisé un vélo "motorisé" ....tout comme Fabian Cancellara sur Paris Roubaix. Quel délire ! Les cons n'ont aucune limite...

  • Jeff F.
    09/29/2020 22:42

    Until his ban is lifted and becomes a director American cycling stays irrelevant.....has been since he left..... biggest doping scandal in history lol funny!!!!! The whole peloton was doing it.... so if his sponsors sued to get money back then why isn’t every cyclist in that era being sued? it’s because they make examples out of the BEST.. # all hail lance!!!! His accomplishments should all be counted in the record books

  • Tracy D.
    08/05/2020 12:04

    The biggest fraudster, cheater and narcissist of all time. What a joke!

  • Connor S.
    07/16/2020 17:27

    The greatest cyclist of all time🐐

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