The life of Lance Armstrong

From surviving cancer to winning seven consecutive Tour de France titles — and becoming the center of one of the most infamous doping scandals in sports history. This is the life of Lance Armstrong.

06/13/2020 6:00 PM


  • Eva M.
    07/13/2021 20:54

    THE ONE AND ONLY, great Champion ! Cancersurvivor ! My hero !

  • Carlos C.
    07/11/2021 12:12

    This is big lance Armstrong..

  • Garfield H.
    07/07/2021 12:45

    Great cyclist. Biggest thing he did wrong was show the bullying side of him. None the less out standing cyclist amongst a peloton where 95% of them were all doing stuff. Still 7 times tour winner in my eyes.

  • Lark L.
    07/07/2021 05:33

    The fact is, probably 50% of cyclists were doping....frankly, I have never really understood why blood doping was banned - your OWN blood re- injected? I don't agree with what those cycling pros did with EPO: but we as a culture fuel the obsession with professional athletes to do WHATEVER it takes to win - by our recognition of the winners and basically ignoring the efforts of the supporters that contribute everything to MAKE a winner.

  • Martijn N.
    07/04/2021 19:45

    The one and only boss..... funny that all his winnings are removed..... but Virenque is still a hero for the French..... all top 20, if not 50 were using it.

  • Eric L.
    07/04/2021 05:03

    Je serais toujours un fan de Lance le plus grand .

  • Kevin M.
    07/02/2021 20:58

    just think about it, yes he took drugs, but you still have to peddle the bike for hours everyday. rain or shine uphill downhill. so for you that say he cheated , you get on that same bike, peddle and train and take the same drug s I bet you don't last a hour. The Greatest.

  • Debbie H.
    07/02/2021 00:43


  • Kevin S.
    06/21/2021 11:01

    Drug cheat and dictates

  • Kevin S.
    06/21/2021 10:57


  • Joaquim C.
    06/20/2021 21:35

    Provavelmente é genética ...esse senhor foi e será na minha opinião o melhor atleta do mundo. Olhem para o Neil Amestrong...simplesmente lunático.

  • Joaquim C.
    06/20/2021 21:06

    O melhor atleta do mundo... .o melhor que já vi...

  • Haluk M.
    06/20/2021 20:42

    yes the greatest

  • Anthony A.
    06/17/2021 21:33

    European hates Champs not from their land that is why the discredited lance

  • Robb T.
    05/31/2021 13:40

    Oh please, EVERYONE in the peloton was dopeing back then. The French are such LOSERS. Look what they did to Peter Sagan when reckless Crash Cavendish plowed through and caused a crash. They thought their boy would get the Green Jersey. They feel that they have to cheat inorder to won. .... who are they kidding? They crucified Armstrong for what, National Pride? Please ... France has never even won a war.

  • Tony H.
    05/31/2021 08:24

    Cheat Fraud should have done jail time

  • Kenny D.
    05/13/2021 07:43

    Cheater, cheater cheater pumpkin eater, just a cheater

  • Perry S.
    05/12/2021 03:49

    Biggest loser I ever met..!

  • Eamon T.
    05/10/2021 06:51


  • Gustav K.
    05/08/2021 15:33