• Ebad K.
    01/20/2021 09:59

    Hippocrite no 1 He's successful because he drives for mercedes Go ask any f1 fans why they don't respect him Literally he talks about saving climate and then works for company who's carbon footprint is greater than a entire small nation

  • Hervé F.
    01/19/2021 08:57

    Congratulations for his mindset.

  • Jan J.
    01/19/2021 08:52

    What A pilock he is wasted and uneducated

  • VS M.
    01/19/2021 07:37

    True gred and determination from you and family's cooperation plus mercy of Lord is that you become fantastic F.1 world Champion. Congratulations

  • Gopal K.
    01/19/2021 07:29

    Racism is still around everywhere

  • Rudra A.
    01/19/2021 05:58

    Pathetic of you ! Bringing race into sports too now? Why would you identify him as TheOnlyBlack racer? Imagine if a fellow racer calls him A Black Racer.

  • Ashish H.
    01/19/2021 05:45

    Skill r depend on skin colour ??

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