The life of Michael Jordan

He didn’t make his high school varsity basketball team at first — he was too short. Then, he became one of the best athletes in the world. This is the story of Michael Jordan. 🏀

04/20/2020 12:02 PM


  • Cleveland H.
    09/09/2021 20:15

    He is the greatest

  • Jeff B.
    09/01/2021 20:35

    What do AIR Jordan and NIKE have in common? The answer is, they both are GODS!

  • Jeff B.
    09/01/2021 20:32

    There will be nobody like him, Nobody! You saw the statue and you know what it said " The best there ever was and the best there ever be "

  • Jeff B.
    09/01/2021 20:27

    I like that music in the background!

  • Jeff B.
    09/01/2021 20:20

    He wasn't the best ever to play the game of basketball, he is the Greatest to ever play the game of basketball, with all the trashing and you don't think that he thought that he was the best or Greatest to ever play the game? He knew that he was the greatest ever to play the game of basketball, he was just being modest. And the man was intelligent and articulate! The GOD-Man of Basketball! You got to love him, and Scotty Pippen was just as good as AIR Jordan.

  • Terry S.
    08/20/2021 23:21

    GOAT and there is no doubt about it!

  • John F.
    08/15/2021 12:19


  • Fherm B.
    07/10/2021 07:14

    He donated his salary for that season for the 9/11 attacked made me cry...

  • Robert T.
    06/26/2021 19:43


  • John W.
    05/25/2021 10:58

    Epic. Great work. Loved every second.

  • Ango W.
    05/22/2021 20:07

    He is the greatest basketball player and a man who shares his wealth in different ways. Long live Michael Jordan and all the basketball greats who help the communities in times of need

  • Georgelim H.
    05/21/2021 15:03

    God bless you and your family idol michael jordan

  • Thomas N.
    05/21/2021 03:21

    He is not "considered"... he is the greatest of all time

  • Dana T.
    05/20/2021 13:06

    There will never be a new Michael Jordan

  • Tomasz B.
    05/17/2021 12:54

    Michael You have got very good heart!

  • Clint Z.
    05/13/2021 21:17

    That's my boy..bravo amigo.. mjordan23 is the real only the GOAT..

  • Andrea M.
    04/14/2021 19:13

    I love you MJ

  • Curtis H.
    04/04/2021 15:46

    Michael Jordan basket ball player business man!!!

  • Jojo I.
    04/02/2021 11:31


  • Brian W.
    03/15/2021 18:34

    Once again, black folks don’t own nothing. Co-own look at all this man has done, don’t even own his own shoes.