The life of Naomi Osaka

She beat her childhood idol, Serena Williams, becoming one of America's most popular athletes ... even though she plays for Japan. She’s now a two-time US Open champion. This is the story of Naomi Osaka.

09/12/2020 8:58 PM


  • Lyn W.
    5 hours

    She is adorably funny.

  • Cheryl G.
    5 hours

    I LOVE THIS YOUNG LADY for her strength, courage, fortitude and heart and soul to be HERSELF and stand up for what she believes in!! This is what we need right now, young people putting their strengths together to stand strong against the bullies of the world, police brutality AND racism all over the world!! She's an inspiration to other youth and one heck of a role model!! Her parents, I'm sure, are proud of the young lady she is, gracious, kind, loving and dedicated to be the voice of the voiceless in today's society!! Keep up the amazing work u are doing for ur community and the black youth of today!! We all, regardless of color, gender, race, religion, etc...look to this young lady and those like her, to make lasting changes in policy and be an Ambassador for today's youth!! With stand up young people like her, we have a bright future to look forward to!!💖💖🙏💖💖🙏💖💖🙏💖💖

  • Uche O.
    7 hours

    You’re a great lady and athlete! 👊🏿👌🏿❤️

  • Ad H.
    13 hours


  • Sheila M.
    16 hours

    Beautiful black young lady.

  • Mar R.
    19 hours

    She is a great champion and I really like her. I like the way she represents! She is the one to watch as we embark on a new era of women tennis. The only thing I hate is that she doesn’t rep the US. But. I will still love and watch her!

  • Willie Y.
    a day

    This young lady is starting to grow on me ‼️❤👍

  • Sharon M.
    a day

    Congratulations Naomi. 💜💜🙏

  • Aaron W.
    a day

    Fan 4 life

  • Antonio M.
    a day

    Be proud of being Haitian 🇭🇹 and Japanese

  • Cleveland M.
    a day

    Welcome the new. Queen of the WTA.She has all the tools.

  • May T.
    a day

    Highest paid female athlete out the gate. So for those doing the same thing for decades.... hmmm I get it

  • Edward H.
    2 days

    Wow, speak on my Black Queen❤️

  • Jim N.
    2 days

    She's an intelligent impressive lady. She's great.

  • Ona K.
    2 days

    Love this!

  • Myriam P.
    2 days

    She is a smart young lady, she is grounded on who she is and embrace herself as a person. A true role model, I wish her abundance blessings.

  • Rasheeda M.
    2 days

    What about raceisum in japan,she need to go and protest there,since her Japan grandparents did not want her mom to marry her dad.just saying

  • Natalie D.
    2 days

    Love her ❤️

  • Alain C.
    2 days

    She's humble&strong and beutiful!🌷🌻🌺

  • William W.
    2 days

    Great job

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