The Life of Soccer Superstar Megan Rapinoe

She's one of the best American soccer players of all time. Off the field, she's a fierce advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality and racial justice. This is Megan Rapinoe. ⚽

Megan Rapinoe takes home 2nd Ballon d'Or

Megan Rapinoe is an American professional soccer midfielder/winger who plays for and captains Reign FC in the National Women's Soccer League. As a member of the United States women's national soccer team, she helped the U.S. win the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup, gold at the 2012 London Olympics, and finish runners-up at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup. Since 2018, she co-captains her national team alongside Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan.

Rapinoe is an advocate for several LGBT organizations, including the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network and Athlete Ally. In 2013, she was presented the board of directors Award by the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. She is sponsored by Nike, Samsung and DJO Global, and has appeared in multiple profile-raising pieces for clothing company Wildfang, as well as for Nike. She previously played for the Chicago Red Stars, Philadelphia Independence and magicJack in Women's Professional Soccer as well as Olympique Lyonnais in France's Féminine Division 1.

Megan Rapinoe, Captain of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team is no stranger to advocating for better conditions and equality in women’s soccer. In the 2018 men’s World Cup, teams eliminated in the first round collectedan 8 million dollar reward. At the 2015 women’s World Cup, those teams collected 2$ million according to Business Insider. Rapinoe thinks when more representation and acceptance of diversity is present at the highest level, change will come more strongly. Currently, the USWNT is suing U.S. Soccer for gender discrimination on the basis of pay disparity.


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  • Ernesto G.
    07/14/2019 08:56

    Well with all due respect if she's just excercising the right to not participate during the National anthem than she can also excercise the right to GTFO of this country and go play soccer somewhere else

  • Terry D.
    07/09/2019 17:40

    She's a disgrace. 😡

  • Steve K.
    07/09/2019 13:04

    Couldn’t care less.

  • Kylee W.
    07/08/2019 21:08

    Boooo! Go away

  • Luis M.
    07/08/2019 13:48

    Gotta love the haters, it's like watch a group of snake squirm on top of each other spitting its venom of hate. Lol 🐍 🐍🐍 USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸⚽⚽ just beat trump hating base of 🇷🇺🇷🇺. 😁😁😁😁lol

  • Jesse T.
    07/08/2019 05:43

    Rapino is an embarrassment to the USA. Displaying her persinal political dislikes on the would sports. Teams members should be proud of their country, or not play for them fraudulently. Go play for another country you think is better.

  • Nevin S.
    07/08/2019 05:08

    Bitter and angry- sounds like another leftard femminist

  • Brut
    07/08/2019 03:10

    "We are such a proud and strong and defiant group of women. We've done exactly what we've set out to do, what we wanted to do." This is what Rapinoe said after the USWNT won the World Cup on Sunday. For more:

  • Leon M.
    07/08/2019 00:43

    Lol, Trump: They only won silver under Obamas watch. Now, under my watch, they won gold..... So he'll take the cedit.....once again.

  • Manmeet K.
    07/08/2019 00:34

    I don’t think that her kneeling during national anthem was right. No matter how mad we are, we certainly do not have to publicly display our resentment for this great nation. We have so many other ways to show our sentiments. There is a time and place for everything. Furthermore, her openly swearing our elected president is not acceptable too. No one deserves disrespect like that. What if someone does that to her.....

  • Shauntie C.
    07/07/2019 23:46

    It's her right as an American citizen to voice whatever she wants. Our soldiers fought for this very right. Do not condemn her for standing or kneeling for something she believes in. Thank you for not being a sheep!! She's a hell of a team player and takes pride in playing for the U.S. That does not mean that she has to believe in the system. That's what makes us all Americans!

  • FrankandStephanie S.
    07/07/2019 23:17

    Take you a$$e$ to another country if you don’t like Trump and/or representing the country. See how good you get treated in the Middle East.

  • Valerie I.
    07/07/2019 22:54

    Congrats Megan Rapinoe

  • Ernie T.
    07/07/2019 21:53

    Die Please

  • Kate C.
    07/07/2019 21:35

    Congratulations 🎊🎉 Team U.S.A 🇺🇸❗ #

  • Gary W.
    07/07/2019 21:05

    ❤️❤️❤️..true patriot...❤️❤️❤️

  • Gwen D.
    07/07/2019 19:51


  • Phyllis T.
    07/07/2019 19:08

    Congrats You did it!

  • Phyllis T.
    07/07/2019 19:08

    Congrats You did it!

  • Santos E.
    07/07/2019 17:44

    She’s have it Very good Feeling to Others America Like That is Most Always Great ⚽️🇺🇸🏆🇨🇴

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