This athlete is speaking out against double standards in sportswear

She was told her sprint briefs were “too short” to compete at the Tokyo Games. Double Paralympic world champion Olivia Breen tells Brut what happened next ...

07/28/2021 12:38 PM


  • Vincent B.
    09/23/2021 03:29

    The sad thing is, jobs have dress codes, and participating in the Olympics and Paralympics is a job; so they can dictate what’s allowed to be worn within reason. The instance with the Norwegian team was ridiculous, the fact that their ‘required uniform’ is bikini bottoms is plain stupid as those shorts didn’t give them any competitive edge, and the Olympics and Paralympics need to get with the times and change the uniform requirements to allow participants more control/choice.

  • Diana D.
    09/09/2021 01:26

    I understand what she’s saying, but she could also have shown up in a g-string and boob tassels with the same argument. I personally don’t see anything wrong with her attire, but you have to draw the line somewhere, I suppose.

  • Punky F.
    09/04/2021 19:04

    When will people finally stop trying to tell women what is appropriate for them to wear and what not? When will all the shaming over women's clothes finally stop?

  • Paula R.
    09/04/2021 01:07

    I honestly think all athletes in the Games should all wear Shorts, whether that’s bummer shorts or thigh length shorts. I think, at that level, women’s gymnastics in particular, uniforms shouldn’t be at the expense of point docking. I’m talking showing a bra strap or fixing a wedgie. It’s extremely sexist. So yeah, shorts for all athletes! Even in the pool and field! It’s only fair.

  • Sam S.
    08/26/2021 08:47

    Ironic when the handball team want to cover up they're not allowed to, but when a runner wants to have space she can't either. Do male athletes have the same issue of nonsensical control over clothing?

  • Grace M.
    08/21/2021 19:33

    Honestly speaking though it's not a misogynistic to say that the same standards can be applied to males and females when it comes to clothing. The example about the man going topless . It won't turn a lot of heads because people genuinely don't care. I don't enjoy seeing men topless in the streets but it doesn't cause as much havoc as when a woman does the same thing because it really isn't the same thing. Our bodies are built differently. It's not double standards. I think if males and females had the exact body type and function the exact same way then we would say that they are double standards but they aren't. But we are stripping so much of out morals and values just because of "equality ". The fight for Equality and female rights is no longer about equal rights nowadays. There should be limits because without limits we are lost.

  • Richard D.
    08/16/2021 12:27

    Why not do it like the original Olympiads 😬 see how many complaints they have 🤣

  • Andrea O.
    08/16/2021 10:46

    They are bigger than the bikini bottoms worn by the beach volleyball teams and they got told off for wearing cycling shorts. Bonkers rules.

  • Anne C.
    08/16/2021 07:06

    No more double standards!!

  • Bella J.
    08/15/2021 22:11

    For the millionth time beach handball is not an Olympic sport and they were not fined by the Olympics or at the Tokyo Olympics. But other than that, yes. Competitors should be allowed to wear what's comfortable

  • Jane C.
    08/15/2021 18:43

    I've always said sport is sexist

  • Dawna V.
    08/15/2021 13:46

    Make up your minds people! Lol

  • Tracey R.
    08/15/2021 09:17

    I don’t understand why anyone would want to do sport in only their undies. It hides nothing. Especially the women's volleyball outfits. I feel embarrassed for them. The men don't have to wear tiny bits of lycra. It's such a double standard.

  • Sherry C.
    08/15/2021 06:51


  • Penny I.
    08/15/2021 05:09

    It's like sports at school when the boys all perved it and old men looked through the fence yuk yuk yuk

  • Mohd F.
    08/15/2021 00:31

    Sport association must acknowledge team Germany in gymnastics as a leading example in tokyo Olympic doing this to protect the girls from any harm. Still they look nice and presentable more modest and perform well.

  • Rachele H.
    08/14/2021 22:46

    Go girl!❤️💜💙👏🏿🙄👊🏾😂

  • Leeann F.
    08/14/2021 12:41

    I agree to a certain point because if you want to be a part of an organization you have to follow their rules..or at least work together to develop new ones.

  • Richard K.
    08/14/2021 07:36

    hang on but it is fine to declare the budgie smuggler a crime against nature. but girls wearing brief bottoms if fine.

  • Njarasoa R.
    08/13/2021 22:07

    So beachvolley women got fine because it was to long and she jas problem as well because of the length. I am done with this world

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