• Christopher C.
    02/05/2017 14:47

    Matt Ryan

  • Edward J.
    02/05/2017 14:23

    As a patriots and Brady fan, I can say that Matt Ryan is way better than Brady "this season" it isn't even close. Matt Ryan is putting up 2007 Brady numbers, and that was bradys best season.

  • Robert F.
    02/05/2017 13:38

    I love how everyone is slobbering all over Brady's knob. Matty Ice will put them boys on ice tonight!

  • Michael B.
    02/05/2017 13:31

    Career wise to this point: Brady 2016 NFL Season: Ryan.

  • Darlene H.
    02/05/2017 13:20


  • Ryan B.
    02/05/2017 11:37

    Brady easily

  • Tori R.
    02/05/2017 08:19

    Brady is way better! Go Pats!

  • Doug B.
    02/05/2017 05:56

    i think either atlanta will win by a blow out or new england will will by 2 or 3 points

  • Adam S.
    02/05/2017 04:13

    Matt ryan is better right now... check the stats and the records he broke this year plus he just won MVP over brady for the year so I'm pretty sure that means something

  • Chris H.
    02/05/2017 04:04

    Falcons had 2nd toughest schedule and patriots had 2nd weakest schedule. Falcons faced 7 top 10 qbs and patriots faced 0 top 10 qbs. Stats don't lie!!!!

  • Blake V.
    02/05/2017 02:28

    Anyone with a brain knows it's Tom Brady

  • Robert S.
    02/05/2017 02:28

    Who's better tomorrow Tom brady

  • Pisto P.
    02/05/2017 02:20

    LoL @ comparing Ryan to Brady!!

  • Corey R.
    02/05/2017 01:15

    Is this a real question

  • Majmud G.
    02/05/2017 00:41

    Pats for sure

  • Gary H.
    02/05/2017 00:38

    Falcons will choke

  • Joshua W.
    02/05/2017 00:26

    Offense don't win games, falcons D is terrible. Pats alllllll day

  • Matt N.
    02/05/2017 00:20

    Why is there no talk about ATL garbage D

  • Matthew M.
    02/04/2017 23:31

    Matt Ryan is having the best year and is playing smarter than any other quarterback this year. For anyone to think he is not better than Brady I ask why Ryan was not suspended from any games this year? Ryan and the Falcons will win big!

  • Koby G.
    02/04/2017 22:30

    Matt Ryan will never ever be close to tom Brady

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