• Brut
    10/02/2018 21:26

    Learn more about Latoya and her blog here: https://www.instagram.com/iamlshauntay/?hl=en

  • Ikahn E.
    10/02/2018 23:47

    Nah.. Nah... Especially chefs (exclude Gordon Ramsey) all tend to have heft. Which is not to say all are unhealthy. But please...

  • Angelic G.
    10/03/2018 00:26

    I want to accept my body too but dang that's hard some days.

  • Herbert E.
    10/03/2018 00:52

    It's muscle to fat ratio. BMI is misleading.

  • Caroline S.
    10/03/2018 01:05

    You can be fit without really being healthy. I'm sure she's outside her healthy weight range. Also, marathon runners are at risk of lots of health problems. This has nothing to do with her beauty or race.

  • Jeff M.
    10/03/2018 01:31

    fat is not healthy, cut the crap

  • Nicholas G.
    10/03/2018 06:14

    The reason doctors tell you to loose weight is because being overweight has a list of health problems longer than your belt.

  • Castoria M.
    10/03/2018 16:09

    Being overweight might not be healthy but calling a person with foul names well that's not healthy either. Why .....hurting someone is definitely not nice,sometimes a word weighs more than accumulating fat ......

  • Charles M.
    10/03/2018 17:51

    Black people quit listening to White people trying to tell you what is and what is not acceptable.

  • Jean Q.
    10/05/2018 01:45

    You can notice that it is a real change, look at her face. I've never being that happy in my whole life, wtf!

  • Nourdin N.
    10/05/2018 10:02


  • Warren P.
    10/05/2018 20:19

    It's great living who you are and not the opinion of what the world say you should look like. Fat girls rock!!!!!

  • Md R.
    10/06/2018 13:38


  • Sean R.
    10/06/2018 14:15

    "Body shamed by doctors" holy shit that is funny

  • Kat B.
    10/06/2018 17:24

    Type 1 is an auto immune issue. Fuck that asshole.

  • Srijan S.
    10/06/2018 19:54

    . Just watch and see

  • Jennifer R.
    10/07/2018 02:40

    screw that ass that said that about your daughter

  • Saang B.
    10/07/2018 07:54

    tara naa

  • Jamie J.
    10/07/2018 08:08

    Sorry sweetie, but all because you run doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Try eating a salad once a year at least.

  • Lisette K.
    10/07/2018 13:08

    They who cast the first stone....