Weed to heal sport injuries?

Former NFL players want the league to allow marijuana use as painkillers, arguing that it's better than pharmaceuticals.

05/13/2017 6:00 PM
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  • Devin N.
    05/13/2017 19:04

    This is what I hate. Nobody gives a flying fuck about health and addiction until marijuana comes into the equation. I don't think anyone honestly believes that opiates are in the slightest bit less dangerous than marijuana. The entire debate is one of the biggest jokes in American history and I don't understand why it's even an issue when the vast majority of legal substances are undoubtedly more harmful.

  • Matt R.
    05/13/2017 20:39

    Umm... has the first guy ever heard of edibles?

  • Anthony D.
    05/13/2017 22:50

    Sounds better than pharmaceuticals doesn't it?

  • Ralph B.
    05/13/2017 23:31

    If he really cared about players he'd cancel every NFL game....

  • Ashley N.
    05/14/2017 01:19

    really sad

  • Austin B.
    05/14/2017 03:48

    Goodell is a fucking moron.

  • Jesus E.
    05/14/2017 04:14

    Poor guys! They suffer too much!

  • Telesforo T.
    05/14/2017 04:44

    Yet how many harmful compounds are there in pills?

  • Isaiah D.
    05/14/2017 08:19

    Opioid and heroin addiction is no joke. Far too many get addicted. It doesn't matter who you are or how strong your "will power" is. Using literally changes your brain and fairly quickly. Once your brain has been altered, the addiction takes hold and nothing in life is enjoyable or fun or relaxing or calm or happy unless you get a fix. Everyone wants to experience happiness as human beings and opioids zap you of that natural happiness and the ONLY thing that truly makes an addicted user happy is an opioid. That is why its so hard to stop long term. The sickness/withdrawal once you stop is atrocious and unlike anything you can experience. I can't even explain what it is like. People say its like the flu, but that is NOT a good comparison as opioid withdrawal is 5x worse. And you will be awake the entire goddamn time and have to experience every single second of it. I know some people need to use them long term and doctors don't explain just how miserable life can become.

  • Keven P.
    05/14/2017 09:27

    Smoking isn't the only way to get the benefits...

  • Pat O.
    05/14/2017 09:31


  • Robert M.
    05/14/2017 11:50

    Of course it is. I bet Big Pharma owns the NFL just like they own the government. So, not a chance.

  • Robert M.
    05/14/2017 11:52

    How many of the people commenting don't know you can INJEST CBD's (the medical part of marijuana) without the THC (the part that gets you high)? It's amazing what you can learn when you step away from your indoctrination and actually RESEARCH a subject...and I won't even get started on all the applications for hemp.

  • Mario V.
    05/14/2017 16:21

    I totally agree that marijuana is safer than painkillers & less addictive but I also know marijuana can be used as a masking agent when testing for steroids.

  • Owen M.
    05/14/2017 16:58

    Roger goodell needs to quit as commissioner anyway who cares about his opinion anyway and there are such things as edibles and oils that players can use. Also i want to see his research behind his opinion

  • Logan S.
    05/14/2017 17:23

    I've said it once and I'll say it before, Roger Goodell is fucking retarded

  • Anthony P.
    05/14/2017 18:01

    I smoked weed for 6 years and it usually made my pain worse.

  • Jean-jermaine C.
    05/15/2017 03:34

    Boycott. .

  • Vincent T.
    05/15/2017 04:17

    He's calling marijuana harmful and addictive? What a moron

  • Joshua B.
    05/15/2017 05:47

    They can't ok it if the State you're in doesn't allow it morons