WNBA Players Sound Off on Inequality

Online trolls went wild when it was announced that the WNBA will be featured in the popular NBA 2K video game franchise. For players and coaches, this dismissal of the women's game is growing tiresome. 🏀

All 12 WNBA teams and players are making their debut in NBA 2K20

Online trolls targeted the NBA 2K video game series for its landmark decision to include WNBA players in its newest title. For members of the team Chicago Sky, this kind of sexism is nothing new. In its 23 years, the WNBA has seen lower attendance viewership coverage by media outlets. Only ahead during the 2019 season has social media pressure resulted in more favorable TV deals, and a rating rise of 64% according to data from the WNBA. Players say they haven’t seen this translate into an uptick in financial support. Still inspiration has come from the World Cup-winning U.S. women’s soccer team, as well as seeing a general shift towards equality.

“Media outlets don't normalize women's basketball on them. It's 50 men's posts for every one women's post. And, you know, if people were to continuously put us on there as much as they put men's and it would become normal. And people wouldn't feel the need to go out of their way to hate it. But. People put less and less of it because of the amount of hate without realizing that's not helping the problem,” explains Katie Lou Samuelson

Facebook, forums like Reddit, personal Twitter handles, YouTube, and even 2K’s own blog hasn’t been spared but the developers have said that it’s proud of its decision to include women in the upcoming title. “Our franchise has always been rooted in capturing the true essence of basketball – it doesn’t matter who is playing – if you love the game, you love the game,” said a spokesperson. “As true lovers of basketball, we take great pride in bringing the women’s game to the millions of NBA 2K fans around the globe.” The moderator claimed that he had to remove dozens of sexist posts in a matter of hours. On Twitter, players like Breanna Stewart and Candace Parker continued to face harassment over the addition.


08/24/2019 12:01 PM
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  • Joshua B.
    a day

    Sports is entertainment. If the populous doesn't find it entertaining, you're not gonna be able to shame them into boring themselves to death.

  • Ronnie A.
    a day

    No offense, but if woman's basketball was anywhere near as entertaining I believe people would watch. If they played the game at the same pace, slam dunked that would got them more respect. It's not because they are woman. Look at tennis, millions of people watch woman's tennis, including myself. It's entering, but something about woman's basketball is not.

  • Jimmy S.
    a day

    I understand the wanting of more money and exposure.. But if you're going to keep comparing yourself to the NBA then you need to be able to do what NBA players do.. Y'all can't even dunk.. I'm sorry but when it comes to athleticism and skill, there is no comparison.. You need to just accept that and keep grinding.. It's smart to pull the sexism card, I'll give you that.. But that's simply not what this is about..

  • Kadontae B.
    a day

    Thats awesome they are finally getting a feature.

  • Sanchez D.
    a day

    Wnba sucks

  • Rob T.
    2 days

    About fricken time

  • Ronn S.
    2 days

    I don’t care that they’re in the game. You just have to have their player stats accurate. Like we all know the worst player in the NBA would beat the best WNBA player. So, if the worst NBA player is a 53 overall, than the best WNBA player can’t be rated higher than him.

  • Jake G.
    2 days

    remember the summer we were NCAA Women's Basketball players loll

  • Cedric C.
    2 days

    I tried watching the WNBA I mean I tried. Great fundamentals but just flat out boring to watch really even with this soft nba league right now.

  • Michael A.
    2 days

    The LWNBA is not interesting. I guess that's why they put the NBA on child support cause it's not making money.

  • Kyle Y.
    3 days

    No one wants to watch WNBA it's just not as entertaining as the NBA your ratings will never spike. Doesn't mean your not great athletes but more advanced athlete is the male in the NBA

  • Akiee R.
    3 days

    Well Kobe said he knows that Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore, and Elena Delle Donne could all play in the NBA. I'll sure take his word over anyone elses not named Kobe Bryant lol

  • Jason P.
    3 days

    I can see the stats now. Speed 45% of NBA. Can’t wait. Lol

  • Joseph S.
    3 days

    eso es WNBA

  • Danielle J.
    4 days

    All this down talk but if it was yall daughters it would be all praise..

  • Samuel R.
    4 days

    “Online trolls” more like every 2k player in general WNBA Players and coaches might be getting but that doesn’t change the fact that no one cares for the WNBA

  • Méi À.
    4 days

    Ive Never played with WNBA team on 2k20 🖕😭

  • Sue H.
    4 days

    How to fix the WNBA? Easy just make the rim a few feet shorter, make the 3pt line closer and you will start to see Players dunk and shoot 3s. More points means more plays. More plays means more creativity on the court. Why cant we just let the WNBA be it's own thing.

  • Edward H.
    5 days

    You can't make somebody like anything, and no one is making them feel under valued, people that love the game were exposed to the ABA, NBA, NCAA Men's tournament, Olympics, Euro League, D League, Harlem Globetrotters, And 1 Mix Tours, McDonald's High School All Star games, even playing in your local gym, well before the WNBA, people expect this level of basketball all the time, not because they are women. It's similar, but sorry to say, it's not the same.

  • Joshua P.
    5 days

    I think its about time. It shouldn't be a problem for anyone all is does is add to the basketball experience for everyone.