• Lucy S.
    05/14/2019 09:03

    WOMEN POWER!!! 💕. BRAVO for brave Indian Women!!!! 💚💛

  • Hemanti S.
    05/13/2019 18:33

    They have forgotten the brave women who stood up against AFSPA and forced Assam rifle regiment to withdraw from Kangla fort. And Irom Sharmila, Manipuri women are really brave.

  • Ravinder S.
    05/13/2019 17:05

    It’s beautiful story

  • Jashan S.
    05/13/2019 14:17

    Women empowerment

  • Bilash S.
    05/13/2019 14:04

    I m from Manipur.... n Women has played a major role in our state ....From the freedom struggle to daily livelihood..... That Market is called "ima keithel" which means "Mother's market" where only women r allowed to do business...... That market was built as a symbol of gratitute for women of our state for their bravery n courage....

  • Thang H.
    05/13/2019 13:37

    Now every district in Manipur had their own Women's Market.

  • Somu S.
    05/13/2019 13:21

    Super enrage them

  • Fraz I.
    05/13/2019 13:07

    This women better thaen indian arme 😁😁😁

  • Piyali C.
    05/13/2019 13:05

    Girl Power!!!!

  • Dipolin L.
    05/13/2019 13:00

    Manipur ❤️❤️

  • Somanjan B.
    05/13/2019 12:33

    just what I was talking about the other day.

  • Prakash K.
    02/19/2019 17:36


  • Anthony M.
    09/10/2018 04:18

    Do not treat my people as nobodies they are like me....

  • अजय व.
    06/16/2018 15:52

    Ajay kumar verma

  • Chloee K.
    06/06/2018 18:16

    Well to add to it, women in Manipur are more empowered compared to rest of the country.

  • Nikesh M.
    06/06/2018 13:44

    This is to seduce males for buying products

  • Jhansi R.
    05/17/2018 16:20

    That it is the power of women

  • Sivanand M.
    05/17/2018 11:52

    If men work, no one to praise, but when women does the same whole world praises

  • Vivek G.
    05/17/2018 11:51

    Ima bazar been there

  • Barsha R.
    05/17/2018 10:47

    Respect aa gayi😊😊😊

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