India's Cavernous Wealth Gap And How To Fix It

The top 10% richest Indians own almost 75% of the country's wealth. That leaves around 1.2 BILLION people with what's left. How can we reduce India's wealth gap? 😮

24/01/2020 4:57 AMupdated: 24/01/2020 9:25 AM
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  • Rucha V.
    22/04/2020 17:05

    Wealth gap. Way to make self made millionaires feel like they’re the scum of the earth.

  • Anwesha C.
    06/02/2020 21:56

    Almost none of the men commenting here took into account the glaring gender gap in the formal job sector in India. We are at par with North Africa and some Middle Eastern countries which are some of the worst places in the world in terms of women's rights. This shows that India's place belongs with them, and the fact that none of the men feel even the slightest sense of remorse or guilt just adds salt to the wound.

  • Vasanthakumar D.
    27/01/2020 10:11

    How sad is that

  • Sayan A.
    25/01/2020 07:27

    That's Thatcheronomics bruh! His policies are all a repeat of those made by most successful & most discussed world leaders of yore! Actually his tenure is like any Farah Khan movie... comes with a lot of promise & glitz, scenes & posters cut & pasted from world cinema, dud 2nd half, panned by critics but still earns 100+ crores & declared a blockbuster.

  • Ho S.
    25/01/2020 02:20

    Yes it's called

  • Saurabh S.
    24/01/2020 16:59

    You start first.

  • Pandey P.
    24/01/2020 16:12

    When bruit India will share his profit to his employee and donate to needy person this way only this problem may solve

  • Sanjeev S.
    24/01/2020 14:12

    How congress looted ? Generations sacrificed life for the country. Bhakts are blindly believing Modi s lies. During congress we got Security Education Health Jobs .

  • Waran R.
    24/01/2020 12:58

    Enforce special law for rich people where minor offence done by rich people is to be punished with death penalty such as encounter by Hydrebad Police. That could reduce the number of rich people. Juz my 2 cents

  • Raghav S.
    24/01/2020 11:19

    In america its 1% owning 80% of wealth so wats ur point

  • Rahul D.
    24/01/2020 10:48

    Brut is not showing it in global perspective.

  • Sudhan S.
    24/01/2020 10:37

    No chance we cannot match the gap

  • Piyush S.
    24/01/2020 09:22

    The biggest problem is that the People who are raising this issue are intended to break the families in the name of money

  • Sebastin B.
    24/01/2020 07:43

    India’s social structure has been men work and women take care of children and home. So far in many aspects, this has been best structure to raise as family. Yet, problem is women are unpaid for this job . Hence the one who earns money becomes superior (sexist economy). Hence, if a law prposed that in families wherr women are housewives, half of men’s salary should be deposited to women account and share may increase based on number of children they have .. crazy idea but it might work

  • Manojkumar C.
    24/01/2020 06:57

    I agree that many Indian women are not earning money but they are not jobless. In my view Taking care of family is major role in a family. If you calculate in the form of money, it'll support more to family. Women empowerment doesn't only mean that earning money.In our tradition Our homes lead by mother and supported by Father. Love and affection towards the family gives happiness, we don't calculate happiness only in form of money, even though money is so important for family. I agree that men should extend their help to women at home. Women are always free to work. Many men in India should give utmost respect for their contribution to family.

  • Brut India
    24/01/2020 06:49

    To shed light on the inequality further, Oxfan revealed details to show how 22 richest men now have more wealth than all the women in Africa:

  • Krishnaprasad Y.
    24/01/2020 06:41

    Who's responsible for this. Its ofcourse Congress. Please highlight that they looted the country

  • Ravi S.
    24/01/2020 06:04

    By fucking brutt indiscminatly

  • Saibaba H.
    24/01/2020 05:52

    Some dumb people are blaming congress here. ... You dumb idiots... all those corrupted Congress idiots joined BJP and got Swach Corrupted card and Nationalist certificate from BJP... 😂😂 All those corrupted idiots are hiding behind fake nationalism... You dumbs are supporting them. You are the real traitors of the country.

  • Kamal S.
    24/01/2020 05:33

    Well, stop licking billionaires (weathly) people balls. And stop labouring cheap.

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