Made In Bangladesh: Banarasi saris?

Bangladesh is selling saris being labelled as Banarasi, which has led to an outcry among Varanasi weavers.

04/21/2018 1:30 AM
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  • Parth S.
    04/28/2018 10:18

    bahut duplicate kam hone lage hai

  • Yash K.
    04/27/2018 19:19

    Seriously Bangladeshis are ruining our country. They are getting everywhere nowadays. Not good guys not good. They are a disease.....☠️

  • Manish C.
    04/27/2018 17:38

    Then think about apple ! So many Chinese fake iPhones are sold world wide 😂

  • Avendid A.
    04/27/2018 13:57

    Fuck of Bangladeshi

  • Nagesh D.
    04/27/2018 13:36

    Now a days there r so many readymade clothes available in markets (in big malls too) that r made in Bangladesh...!!!

  • Nikhil K.
    04/27/2018 09:50

    very poor reporting by BRUT . Poor bangladeshi and Banarasi weavers are the desendants of ambani or warren buffet? BC CHU******

  • Prabhakar H.
    04/27/2018 07:13


  • Uwais J.
    04/27/2018 05:21

    We sell fake Gucci , DnG ,Versace , fendi , tommy , Rolex , omega , etc etc and noone bats an eye. Some poor bangladeshis impersonate our product and we lose our minds.

  • Eesha A.
    04/27/2018 03:39

    I don't understand. If the sarees are so beautiful then why not call them bangladeshi sarees. Why do u need the brand name. Either Ur work is not good enough(in that case stop spoiling the heritage of India) and if it is, stop stealing our brand name.

  • Khan M.
    04/27/2018 02:09

    Mãhèk Khan look...

  • Puja S.
    04/27/2018 01:05

    Divya Lohia

  • Stanzin G.
    04/26/2018 19:39

    I get know how Bangladesh is developing 🤣🤣

  • सञ्जीव भ.
    04/26/2018 18:47

    Explore Chinese tshirt and jeans tag with made in india too

  • Nand K.
    04/26/2018 16:59

    Modi hu plss help them

  • Archita C.
    04/26/2018 16:30

    Kmart sells Bangladeshi clothes in Australia like lolllll 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ankit S.
    04/26/2018 15:48

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  • Sayan G.
    04/26/2018 14:56

    Who's to say that this news isn't fake ? FYI Bangladesh have their own types of sarees which are pretty awesome. Why would they label their own sarees as Benarasi ?

  • Ujjwal U.
    04/26/2018 08:30


  • Kumar S.
    04/26/2018 08:28


  • Shivam T.
    04/26/2018 07:16

    ye sab tumhari wajah se ho raha hai...

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