Made In Bangladesh: Banarasi saris?

Bangladesh is selling saris being labelled as Banarasi, which has led to an outcry among Varanasi weavers.

04/21/2018 1:30 AM
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  • Pranshu C.
    04/21/2018 03:16

    i feel u man!!😂

  • Jyoti P.
    04/21/2018 03:55

    Shame on Bangladeshi/kangladesi chor

  • Abdullah A.
    04/21/2018 06:30

    If the material is same and it looks exactly like the original Then dam Bangladesh is new china

  • Prabhu K.
    04/21/2018 06:44

    Good afternoon medam

  • Arko S.
    04/21/2018 06:54

    How the hell BD got limelight inspite of having GI certificate to India? What's going on here?

  • Fazal S.
    04/21/2018 08:34

    Even china makes product which increases the loss of Indian manufacturers

  • Ganesh S.
    04/21/2018 08:49


  • Ayush S.
    04/21/2018 08:54

    It's like when you and your friend both😂 poor but needed money I mean both India and Bangladesh are developing country😢

  • Kapil C.
    04/21/2018 09:26

    this is not fair bro

  • Iqbal S.
    04/21/2018 10:29


  • Sayon M.
    04/21/2018 10:35

    This problem is acute in our West Bengal, since Bengalis are very fond of Banarasi silk sarees and one is must for a Bengali bride. Many of the so-called Banrasi sarees are actually Bangladeshi things.

  • ReHan U.
    04/21/2018 10:43

    That sari is not fake, they are using same method and skill, it just fake branding.

  • Anubhab L.
    04/21/2018 10:51

    dekho video ta

  • Sheikh A.
    04/21/2018 11:44

    No problem just stack a copyright claim and they will be gone for good .!

  • Akshay H.
    04/21/2018 13:31

    It's just a part of 'Make In India' Leave it

  • Aishwarya C.
    04/21/2018 15:34


  • Raul R.
    04/21/2018 15:50

    Bangladeshis r the new copycats....china is loosing its

  • Prashant S.
    04/21/2018 16:27


  • Somesh M.
    04/21/2018 16:46

    Is this similar to outrage in China because we make Chinese food :P

  • Mustafa C.
    04/21/2018 18:14

    Pakistan and Bangladesh both of them should be nuked right away. Fucking useless pieces of land. Always copying us and trying to enter our country.