Mukesh Ambani's Effusive Praise For PM Modi

Experts are sceptical but PM Modi still has a taker for his $5 trillion economy target in India's richest man. The surge in Mukesh Ambani's wealth refused to slow down despite a crushing pandemic this year...

09/12/2020 1:27 PM
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  • Parrish S.
    05/05/2021 17:05

    Well said bro 👍

  • Quintin B.
    05/05/2021 12:44

    Booka Chooda, Choor

  • Ferdinand K.
    01/03/2021 06:29

    Due to your innovation that i get to go for a hairtransplant

  • Imran U.
    28/02/2021 06:36

    India is badly Unemployment status

  • Souvik C.
    27/02/2021 20:19

    Sir, with due respect I hope my salary will increase my income will increase excluding yearly increment and promotion,with refer to your statement. But not seeing any growth to small scale industries and business men. They all are suffering with great loss due to monopoly in business. What is your take on that? And last but not the least you had given us free internet and calling, made a revolution in Digital access,made India 'Digital India' then why JIO is keep increasing it's rate now with respect to other telecom sectors where the quality of service is poor with respect to others!

  • Ziarul M.
    25/02/2021 17:49

    The script Ambani reading that was actually sent from pm office 😂

  • Praharsh B.
    23/02/2021 13:26

    Ok what about Elon musk.

  • Jaswant S.
    23/02/2021 12:54

    Gajjar rs20 kg payaj 60 kg petrol 100 litre ie 1.5 dollar per litre. Wages of atea plucker under modi regime is 4 dollar per day and gas cylinder weighing 16kg i11 dollar. They move in planes and if iam not wrong zsecurity is given to these people and withdrawn in case of xvice president.and xpm also. Desh mein sub changa hai. To make fool a girl is s arrested for funding.Agirl is burnt in hatras for maintaing peace and affdivt of page 20000 is given. Bale bale democracy by two gujarti for two gujarti mr trump is in trouble but trummpa is using unfair means. People were sprayed with ddt during corona is godia.

  • Shaik S.
    23/02/2021 10:34

    Thats what it is ambani who's benefitting not india

  • Viswanath R.
    23/02/2021 03:57

    Only Mukesh can be trullioner

  • Samir P.
    23/02/2021 03:10

    I thought amabani is PM

  • Shaun S.
    22/02/2021 17:35

    Brut India will be very sad when modi and ambani make Indian economy win .......their hatred toward modi will eventually be their

  • Aditya Singh
    22/02/2021 16:54

    now chamchas will trend boycott ambani

  • Rajeev R.
    22/02/2021 14:25

    Is ambani an entrepreneur?

  • Kum J.
    22/02/2021 01:26

    An Ambani praising Modi is like a murderer being judged by the cohorts that helped him commit the murder.

  • Farook B.
    21/02/2021 18:40

    Pure Gujaratis 😂😂😂

  • Mini S.
    21/02/2021 17:30

    If private companies or corporations are doing everything then what and why there is a parliament? To show a building... Corporates have plans with rules so as government but unfortunately corruption is like underlying pests... Say no to government. Shame on this government who can’t manage it and need private companies.. PEE Mmonster is ruining the system. People should go back to tribal life..

  • Sathish K.
    21/02/2021 16:55


  • Shamim
    21/02/2021 16:18

    Boycott Ambani. Simple.

  • Subrahmanya M.
    21/02/2021 14:24

    presently Adani seems to be the favourite

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