Mumbai's housing crisis

Mumbai has 500,000 vacant apartments, yet 8.6 million residents live in slums. What is behind this startling contradiction?

06/04/2018 5:30 AM
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  • Vaibhav S.
    06/18/2018 07:18

    ...what about this?

  • Karthik D.
    06/18/2018 05:36

    Around 1 lakh apartment are vacant in chennai OMR

  • Mayeser M.
    06/18/2018 02:25

    Its a fact denied by selfishness. By 2034 the givernment will change and the residence will increase and everything will come back to square one. Mumbai needs to expand to accomodate its residence

  • Nachiket K.
    06/17/2018 19:20

    Ha bc isme bhi sarkar ko blame karo!! Sahi hai

  • Piyush R.
    06/17/2018 18:49


  • Sunilkumar G.
    06/17/2018 18:19


  • Rishabh J.
    06/17/2018 18:14

    Rohit Kumar

  • Prashant S.
    06/17/2018 14:10

    invite spiderman to try his skills in mumbai

  • Vickey Z.
    06/17/2018 12:23

    Kaala ❤

  • Rushi J.
    06/17/2018 10:52

    I think MUMBAI is signified here due to DHARAVI else almost every big city has this problem These are the problems never going to end as We INDIANS multiply like bacteria Even faster😂😂 Root cause of everything

  • Jayant K.
    06/17/2018 09:18

    The people of bombay suffered a lot for getting a selter in mumbai..

  • Fajal S.
    06/17/2018 09:10


  • Javid D.
    06/17/2018 01:44

    Spread quality education among masses preferably by educating about good living standards. Corrupt free like officials are need of the hour to employ eligible and needy professions in various institutions helping in raising living standards among various sections of populations.

  • Cvs S.
    06/16/2018 20:24

    Prices are very high . The people living in slum can go to other places And live in a nice 1-2 bhk apartment but no they want to live in this city And struggle everyday . Even if someone wants to make new buildings by removing the old ones or take the land of slum area and provide them apartments they won't agree they want to live in that slums only as there business runs best on thier slums for eg. Dharavi .and they can't maintain the apartment standards too . May be u can afford a good house in other country rather than trying to invest on a 2-3 bhk flat in posh area of Mumbai .

  • Lynton D.
    06/16/2018 17:56

    Don't assume slum people are poor, my friend called me to his Chawl , I saw Italian titles, Persian carpet, dishwasher, dryer even Air Conditioner, some people like to live that way their choice. ;)

  • Anurathan D.
    06/16/2018 13:38

    Kaala movie is rejecting the housing, they prefer to be in slum forever.

  • Parvati P.
    06/16/2018 12:14

    शिवहरे वीडियो

  • Swamy S.
    06/16/2018 06:09

    If there are no slums how will one see movies like Kaala or slumdog milloniar

  • Hari K.
    06/16/2018 04:29

    Artificially inflated living cost.. that's the reason...

  • Vedant A.
    06/16/2018 04:02

    Most of it is because of the tenancy laws which is eerily favourable towards tenants..... So people who can afford multiple flats keep them vacant and don't let it out ....... So these causes 2 issues.. 1. Rents are staying high... 2. New flats are becoming costly... As exiting flats are in occupied status even though no one stays in it... So if government changes the tenancy laws and give power to landlords that they can get their rented property vacated within 6-9 months of their desire (even via courts) many flats will be available for rent... This will bring rent down and also lower the selling price of unsold flats..