Mumbai's housing crisis

Mumbai has 500,000 vacant apartments, yet 8.6 million residents live in slums. What is behind this startling contradiction?

06/04/2018 5:30 AM
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  • Swarna S.
    06/04/2018 05:45

    I have seen people in Mumbai who got house from government but they have given it on rent and again started living in slum. The person has 4 house on his name but still living in slum.

  • Ranveer R.
    06/04/2018 06:08

    Money i guess is the big reason 🙄

  • Yamkungchuk Y.
    06/04/2018 07:11

    Its time to avoid old building which is valid mostly rooms n house n building not repair or renew build! Day will come soon those who buy n lend or stay into loge, dat one day huge problem n incidence comes...! Village area is suitavble for human life becz dis human hav no greedy n handle satisy soft n healthly

  • Sibi
    06/04/2018 10:02


  • Vikrant S.
    06/04/2018 10:49

    Wait.. So 0.5 Million empty houses.. And 8.6 million people in the slums.. The reason is migration... Of people into the city.. Swarna Singh Bhadauria and u r right.. It's irritating how gov spends money to give these people houses Bt they choose not to live in them

  • Sheikh A.
    06/04/2018 11:29

    Money i guess is the big reason

  • Kumod A.
    06/04/2018 12:47

    all are in andheri

  • Sunil S.
    06/04/2018 13:48

    There must be a rule,.. one family one flat or bungalow ....attach this property to aadhar.....

  • Sonet S.
    06/04/2018 13:57

    These days builders offer over priced apartments with less carpet area.

  • Amit O.
    06/04/2018 14:10

    Due to black money invest in building line.

  • Zeeshan M.
    06/04/2018 14:42

    This chief minister had a guys to do that.

  • Binay S.
    06/04/2018 15:58

    . Citizens are to be blamed. 86 lakhs slum dweller. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Shivam P.
    06/04/2018 16:21

    Aakhand cutiyapa BC

  • Cleona D.
    06/04/2018 17:15

    Very true..

  • Amit S.
    06/04/2018 17:41

    Make a video on Saudi also They have Millions of Tent Houses with all facilities to be used as Hajj Temporary accommodation. But Refugees from Syria, ROHINGYAs and every other Muslim refugees r becoming burden on other countries. Why Saudi Never takes any Muslim refugee?? R Muslims across world just for customers who pay for Hajj n Make Saudi Richer n Richer? More than 70% Saudi is lying deserted but They never take any Muslim refugees? Can dare ask ur bosses? Who funds u?

  • Nirmal C.
    06/04/2018 17:41

    Even the so called budget apartments is sold for 25 lakhs. This is how crony capitalism works. A person who is earning 50k permonth buys a apartment for 35 lakhs and pays half his salary as EMI for 25 years. While after finishing loan he plans for a retirement after spending rest of the money he saved for his children's education and marriage the apartment turns old and becomes unfit to live. So again he is forced to pay corpus fund for rebuilding his house or sell the unit for a cheap price. I don't get the logic for a salaried middle class man to buy a multi storey appartment. It is a liable asset just like a car.

  • Satish P.
    06/04/2018 18:29

    Not everyone in slum is poor, I have seen many people who are living good life.

  • Shirin M.
    06/04/2018 18:34

    But ppl who belong to middle class earn well and afford a expensive holiday but not an 1bhk flat....this is just bcoz builders have just stopped 1bhk and started to build 2bhk 3bhk....due to this lotta of ppl are rendered homeless

  • Zafar S.
    06/04/2018 22:56

    Shivaji keliye statue 3600 crore,ke bajaaye Gareeb ke liye ghar bane to kitna acha hoga.

  • Vinay G.
    06/05/2018 02:22

    Slum Nation