• Prerit S.
    15/10/2019 16:53

    My dad had this scooter almost four decades ago ...even I used to ride

  • Manoj S.
    04/09/2019 12:32

    I still drive a Chetak!!!

  • Ranjeet S.
    26/08/2019 02:30

    I still ride on my 33 years old Bajaj Chetak. Still in perfect working condition, with no maintainance cost.

  • Priya S.
    20/08/2019 07:56

    I remember when I was a child and my father had chetak scooter... Nd remember those rides where i used stand in front of the seat..

  • Bablu V.
    20/08/2019 02:35


  • Aashish C.
    19/08/2019 18:37

    I ride my dad's good old chetak with pride

  • Rajpreet S.
    19/08/2019 15:54

    Hamara Bajaj

  • विकाश क.
    19/08/2019 14:56

    भोसडीके घर मे साईकल थी हीरो की, तुम्हारे बाप के पास बहुत पैसा था तब

  • Adrian A.
    19/08/2019 13:24

    I learnt riding in a Bajaj Super..

  • Syed Z.
    19/08/2019 13:16


  • Ankush K.
    19/08/2019 12:18

    I really miss the add.. I don't why bajaj discontinued the theme song.. Bland Bharat ki buland tasvir .. Hamara bajaj.. Hamara bajaj... Still gives goosebumps

  • Sonu B.
    19/08/2019 07:54

    Awesome Kitni Purani add hai wow

  • Amrik S.
    19/08/2019 06:53

    No,,,but i did.....

  • Ritvik B.
    19/08/2019 03:02

    My mother's aunt, and my mother both used the Chetak.

  • Bilal S.
    18/08/2019 13:20


  • Arvind P.
    18/08/2019 08:53

    Yas hamne ki hay

  • Biswa B.
    18/08/2019 05:26

    This model still in my garage

  • Aniket B.
    17/08/2019 12:23

    Aape bajaj 😅

  • Satyam S.
    17/08/2019 11:43

    I wanted to drive a scooter, but when i learn driving bike in 2009, then there were no scooters in my friend's circle only bikes & scooties were dominating the market.

  • Anuj S.
    17/08/2019 10:47

    Video seems like that... Jaise bhen k lode ne ehsaan kiya hum pr... Bs loota hai... Now's it's not a secular country

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