The Life Of Farmer-Politician Chaudhary Charan Singh

He was first a farmer, then a prime minister. The farm laws he implemented are still celebrated today. This is his life story.

11/12/2020 6:57 AM
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  • Manab K.
    5 days

    Power hungry he was...

  • Kevi T.
    05/01/2021 18:30

    The present situation in U.P is just the opposite with the most corrupted leaders....

  • Subhash S.
    01/01/2021 14:57

    Great man 🙏🙏

  • Ajit S.
    27/12/2020 14:32

    Yes he was representative of but only of rich and affluent land owning class of dominant farmers he had practically no vision for rural landless labour and people from deprived and dalit identity it was only the land owning class which identifies or supported him more because of caste affiliation the new land ownership pattern which emerge in society after zamindar abolition were his support base but politics in India is identified with pressure group each caste and business affiliation have there own personal interest and support system local landlord and dominant section of society is very oppressive on under privileged person and a person has to face lot of discrimination though he would like to be remembered as person representative of all sections of society but such was not the case

  • Gangadhar S.
    21/12/2020 11:14

    Greatest visionary, reformer and true farmer politician, introduced lot of progressive programmes to upliftment of farmers, Came out of Nehru's camp and proved as a great leader.

  • Ankit S.
    20/12/2020 14:19

    Started out as a pragmatist who put up the right concepts regarding India's farming. Ended up as THE biggest Opportunist who pulled apart the government just to become Prime Minister.

  • Ravindra D.
    20/12/2020 09:12

    Salute 🙏

  • Ashish N.
    20/12/2020 07:27

    Late Chaudhary Charan Singh... Visionary Leader...

  • Mian M.
    18/12/2020 15:24

    One of My favorite. 💖

  • Saulat N.
    14/12/2020 19:53

    Greatest leader of all time

  • Mohammed H.
    13/12/2020 20:48

    True leader..

  • Rishi P.
    13/12/2020 18:11

    Chaudhary Charan Singh zindabaad....

  • Kumar M.
    13/12/2020 15:57

    Devank Chaudhary🙏

  • Vikrant V.
    13/12/2020 13:01


  • Robin S.
    13/12/2020 08:32

    Only notable political voice for farmers? I think saying that would be unfair to Sir Chhotu Ram as he also deserves credit for working for indian farmers

  • Aftab A.
    13/12/2020 04:00

    Charan singh and kashmir

  • Soumendra P.
    13/12/2020 02:38

    Arnab Goswami @ 5:41

  • Jan J.
    12/12/2020 20:27

    Brut india he is one of the guy and not only guy for farmers get your facts right Indian history is one of your tukde tukde gang leader who has orchestrated what he or she thought Indians should see and not the actual story So stop showing the one sided story charan sing contributions to the nation is important and thank him for that but when you say the only farmer bastion it is not digestible I got this😜

  • Anjana S.
    12/12/2020 15:20


  • Ajay C.
    12/12/2020 13:34

    He was a true leader 🙏🙏

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