Why It's Never Too Late To Invest Ft. Ankur Warikoo

Why It's Never Too Late To Invest Ft. Ankur Warikoo If you're in your 30s and haven't started investing yet, entrepreneur @warikoo shows you the way forward.

Your good time is here. In case you've missed the bus... EPIC SHIT. So if you're in your 20s Ankur Warikoo Entrepreneur and you start investing for the next 15 years, at 35, you will have a lot of money that you could potentially retire. But if you start at say 30-35, you will still have to invest for another 15 years. And that means you can't retire by the age of 40. But when you're 50, and you're nearing that retirement age, you will have, again, that same corpus that someone at 35 would have. What changes is your risk profile... You're in your 30s. Quite likely you have financial responsibility, not just of yourself, but maybe of extensions. Your family, your parents, whosoever. And that means you can't be flippant with your money or take as much risk when you were in your 20s. So what you would do is that you'll move more and more towards "stable" investments. The tricks don't change... In your 20s, I suggested, invest 80% in the equity market, 20% in crypto. Isuggested, invest 80% in the If you're in your 30s, I'd say invest 60% in the equity markets, no more than 10%, if at all, in the crypto market. And then the remaining about 30%, invest it in stable assets such as gold. If you have the ability, such as real estate. If not, then something like corporate bonds, which give you fixed income or fixed returns with zero unpredictability attached to it. That is how you would want to, again, ensure that you are being true to the responsibility you have while at the same time growing your money. So in case you're not aware of where to start your investing journey... And that's absolutely understandable. Because most of us, as I said, were not trained or taught to know about I found that a great platform is to start online and start on a place like YouTube. There's enough and more good quality content that is out there. Brut Journalist Labanya Maitra Video Editor Sarur H. Gaikwad