Why Some Indians Don’t Like New IMF Chief Economist Gita Gopinath

Even as Indians celebrated the appointment of Gita Gopinath as the International Monetary Fund's chief economist -- the first woman to hold the post -- back in her home state of Kerala, she's loathed for her free market policies.

04/10/2018 4:30 AM
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  • Subhrajit S.
    20/10/2018 11:07

    Fake news ! Fake propaganda

  • Henrik H.
    20/10/2018 05:21

    Now.... India is only busy in politics and party... The country needs good advisor for economic reform like 1991 ... Now inflation if worse ... Hyperinflation... Come on india

  • Joshwa A.
    19/10/2018 20:35

    The fact is kerala chief minister supported her whole heartedly..

  • Archan C.
    18/10/2018 18:27

    Shame on us. Shame for the people of India. The way our currency is getting degraded day by day is really hurting us. The one responsible for controlling is not even uttering a single word. Neither the RBI nor Our so called Government doing anything to pull things back. Coming back to the point if this woman can become the chief executive of IMF then why can we hire her service. then she can definitely do better than Urjit Patel who is just a shadow in RBI.

  • Harsh P.
    18/10/2018 10:43

    Fuck you BRUT for always showing twisted facts ..

  • Lineesh A.
    18/10/2018 09:10

    Same india checked her caste right after her appointment 😆

  • Sebin M.
    17/10/2018 21:08

    Are u retarded??? She was the communist kerala govermenents official financial advicer to the chief minister.. its a post with the privileges of a state cabinet minister..

  • Balli G.
    17/10/2018 11:36


  • Ravi S.
    17/10/2018 05:51

    Proud of such beti

  • Dhruba B.
    17/10/2018 04:48

    This what happens whn a chai wala is ruling adeveloping country...i feel pity coz chai wala has the urge to develop india but has no education. He does nt even know what economy means or what commerce is..

  • Ashish B.
    17/10/2018 01:55

    Ooof, intolerance!

  • Maruta K.
    16/10/2018 19:21

    in india truth come late and some person who are in top position they think they are unique in that system which ruins their talent in which the fait of public decline.

  • Suresh K.
    15/10/2018 18:27

    Suresh kumar indian

  • Varad J.
    15/10/2018 06:02

    Impossible missions force

  • Abhishek O.
    14/10/2018 18:54

    Raghuram Rajan wanted to serve 2nd time also but Dr subramaniam swamy kicked him out for increasing interest rates during inflation.... current financial condition is also in shambles so both the parties are worthless

  • Tasleem M.
    14/10/2018 16:14


  • DrSurendra R.
    14/10/2018 15:11

    Kya baat hai

  • Siva M.
    14/10/2018 14:11

    Wat a red 💩

  • Rohit S.
    13/10/2018 16:31

    Yeah in one hand you praise the communist regime and now you say she is loathed. Now it’s really clear to me that Brut only can publish negative things about India and it does it actively

  • Mahipendra S.
    13/10/2018 13:53

    Proud of you mam !!