'India's Most Wanted' Host Turned Murder Convict

The former host of 'India's Most Wanted' could now be featured in an episode of his true-crime show -- as the criminal.

29/12/2017 3:30 AM
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  • Kinza J.
    15/04/2018 14:23

    Shakil jamal

  • Avinash S.
    05/01/2018 22:34

    stab him as same he has done for his wife ,

  • Vikramjeet G.
    30/12/2017 02:50

    Ab Jo is chutyea ki vja se andar hain iski marenge jail main

  • Gaurav V.
    30/12/2017 02:36

    Many commenting here don't even know how many criminals he helped in catching... Many were encountered because of him. It's a conspiracy straight from the books... Tell me why no other host till date has the guts to do what his show did.. and most importantly he didnt glorify criminals like shows of today...

  • Rimi V.
    30/12/2017 00:45

    ye dekh ... ye h wo bnda😝

  • Pritam D.
    29/12/2017 22:53

    this is why you should avoid these dumb shows,

  • Srilekha T.
    29/12/2017 22:29

    Hemakumari Nadella

  • Suman M.
    29/12/2017 22:27

    trip over this

  • सय्यद म.
    29/12/2017 19:28

    Suhaib bhai you r a gentleman as I know u personally since childhood days .. We believe in you .. Inshallah you"ll be released from all wrong charges

  • Sentimental K.
    29/12/2017 18:24

  • Pinku K.
    29/12/2017 17:54

    Inko fasai gaya he

  • Prince B.
    29/12/2017 17:11

    Harami tha sala

  • Rahul O.
    29/12/2017 17:01

    Abe bhai!

  • Akanksha S.
    29/12/2017 16:51

    see 😐

  • Reisanghor M.
    29/12/2017 16:49

    Delhi is a hell for girls and Everyman is a rapist n murderer No respect for women not fear for killing one person to another When will India grow up like other country's

  • Manoj A.
    29/12/2017 16:38

    Karan Lohia kuch sikho isse

  • Abhirup S.
    29/12/2017 16:20

    Eerie coming across this in between episodes of Black Mirror

  • Syed A.
    29/12/2017 15:18

    Marriage trustable?

  • Ahlawat S.
    29/12/2017 15:05

    He used to explain shit so seriously 😂 I was afraid to sleep 😂

  • Talveen K.
    29/12/2017 14:15

    Don’t tell me he was your fav ..🙈😂

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