A Journey From Depression To Dance

She defeated abuse and depression by turning to dance. In the process, she fell in love with herself. Meet Rashmi Jathan.

21/07/2021 2:57 PM
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  • Bina R.
    29/07/2021 11:49

    Oh! What a strongstrong-willed woman! She's a fighter, she has the passion for dancing, she has the ability and skills to make of her ambition become her passion. Congrats for your perseverance young lady 👍⚘❤

  • Mohammad A.
    23/07/2021 06:17

    She should have helped her first husband to come out of depression which he was going thru after his accident & job lost BUT NO she went under "depression" because her husband was not working & so not fulfilling her desire. Great abla nari story she got importance bcoz of being woman

  • Ben Jackson
    23/07/2021 03:39

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  • Ali G.
    22/07/2021 10:33

    So dear girls , dont be influenced by such type of videos , not every one have happy endings ..

  • Joyce G.
    22/07/2021 08:37


  • Amrish P.
    22/07/2021 02:25

    Wow. Proud of you dear. Know you since you were a kid. Saw the video and felt so nice to see you so strong and happy too. All the best and do well. Tc

  • Aparna G.
    22/07/2021 01:57

    Love her spirit n determination. You should follow your passion, no matter what 💗💗💗💗💗

  • Vaibhav V.
    21/07/2021 17:38

    2 much Feminism

  • Gul L.
    21/07/2021 16:20

    Bbrut india .. wiw

  • Hervé F.
    21/07/2021 15:29

    She goes out of a bad relationships with a toxic man to be happy with her new husband. She is happy in dance, in pole-dancing and it's the most important. She is an inspiring and determined woman. She can be an example for women. May she stays blessed

  • Rajratna G.
    21/07/2021 15:11

    Same vidhva rona. Please come up with a different topic.