A Year After Weinstein Scandal, Has Anything Changed?

It was a year ago that news of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's sexual assaults broke, fuelling the #MeToo movement. Has anything changed since? These celebrities, including Tanushree Dutta, answer.

08/10/2018 8:28 AM
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  • Amritpal S.
    28/10/2018 10:32

    check out this entitled bitch

  • Likedavid B.
    22/10/2018 05:38

    Seeing all these comments ..clearly all Indian men are opposed to too. For them sexual harassment in workplaces is a *big lie*. Indian men has a narrow patriarchial sexist view of #me too... Viz,. Men vs women, women here for publicity.... Sad.. Will India ever dream of safe working environment. has to start from within (change of heart). Is it possible. Very difficult...but truth always prevails and triumphs.

  • Supritam B.
    22/10/2018 04:57

    It is an irony that she says it is her desire and her wish and need, still she is reading it out from a note written by her or someone else. From when did we start memorising our own wishes and desires?

  • Sharma R.
    21/10/2018 07:13

    "Let's do eachother a favour today ten years later I'll call it sexual harrassment and sue you. No hard feelings"- women like Tanushree Dutta.

  • Apoorva V.
    20/10/2018 17:22

    Conviction without evidence ,arrest without inquiry. Believe women, just because of her body. It's Feminism killing humanity.

  • Abhijith A.
    20/10/2018 10:41

    nuv kuda kada😂

  • Shantanu S.
    20/10/2018 06:01

    That bitch will eat my poop and will shout metoo.

  • Rishabh K.
    15/10/2018 02:42

    Isha Singh

  • Raj D.
    14/10/2018 22:07

    another chutiyappa

  • Ashish K.
    12/10/2018 19:18

    Randi rona

  • Brut India
    11/10/2018 09:19

    BJP lawmaker Udit Raj has said that women who accuse their sexual harassers are motivated by money.

  • Alban A.
    10/10/2018 19:36

    Metoo like moo ment here we talk about goats mooo maaas gaaas gaavas vanvaas and gaammat this is pretty much better imbrument this celebrity stays like he as almost lost in own mess

  • Nitish H.
    10/10/2018 06:31

    I think is a right movement. Girls should come forward and talk about it. Not only girls, males too. If some girl ask them something in exchange of sexual pleasure, the man should public it too. Enough shame. Male, female all should rise up against this injustice.

  • Naveen Y.
    10/10/2018 05:51

    Ankit Kumar yayyy💝

  • Akshay M.
    09/10/2018 19:05

    Nas badhi karva lo There's gonna be a strong wave of false claims on it's way

  • Steve F.
    09/10/2018 07:40

    മുകേഷ് ഏട്ടാ 😂😂😂

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