Actor Sunny Leone On What Pains Her the Most

Sunny Leone turns 38 today! The actress has never shied away from speaking in a forthright fashion. Here she describes what really got her into the adult film business.

13/05/2019 8:27 AMupdated: 26/08/2020 1:40 PM
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  • Zafer Y.
    05/08/2021 06:31

    Harikasın süpersin kiz

  • Lakshuman M.
    15/09/2019 08:12


  • Urusa C.
    17/05/2019 20:03

    I hate this lady! I can't understand why some daffar idiots give her much hype??? What extraordinary task she's done????? What if Daffar idiots who admire her - their daughters follow this crap!

  • Sanjay C.
    17/05/2019 18:41

    Such an beautiful woman 🙂

  • Daljit S.
    17/05/2019 14:52

    Pradip dont be an idiot. Grow up

  • Ruby A.
    15/05/2019 14:33

    Happy Birthday

  • Malika J.
    15/05/2019 14:01

    The only thing I like abt her...she dares to speak the truth openly ... and that makes her an honest human being

  • Sahil K.
    15/05/2019 07:17

    I dont like judging anyone

  • Kashyap D.
    15/05/2019 02:53

    Happy birthday babes

  • George P.
    14/05/2019 13:38

    Happy Birthday, Karanjit!

  • Besuta V.
    14/05/2019 12:42

    Her private must be exhausted by now🤣

  • Ahmed T.
    14/05/2019 07:44

    Everyone knows what and which moment is most difficult for you 😂

  • Harish M.
    14/05/2019 04:59

    A Most Admirable Woman !

  • Mirgendra B.
    13/05/2019 21:44

    Greed, money, lifestyle. The rest is crap.

  • Faraj L.
    13/05/2019 21:25

    P.S: Since I was below average in my studies. Sharma Ji's daughter became a doctor, pressure was on me, so I choose to play doctor doctor as my career.

  • Pradip S.
    13/05/2019 19:15

    Pls dont fucking tell ur crap,I have no issue in ur personal life, can u become an actor in people follow actor and actresses,but I dont KNOW what will they learn FROM u and ur back.GROUND.U shauld b kicked out of this industry and go WHERE EVER u want

  • Sachin K.
    13/05/2019 18:38

    Wish u a very happy b day sunny🎂

  • Shahid Q.
    13/05/2019 14:56

    Pichle 5 saal se 38 ki hi hai woh.

  • Ningu S.
    13/05/2019 14:52

    ಹ್ಯಾಪಿ ಬರ್ತ್ ಡೇ ಸನ್ನಿ🎉🎊

  • Prabhuj M.
    13/05/2019 14:33

    porn not adult film , thats how stupid Indians are they could be force fed anything in the name of bollywood

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