• Vitumbiko P.
    08/06/2019 15:56

    Loving you 2.

  • Manju K.
    28/06/2018 18:01

    Nupur bahut achcha likha h

  • Swarnali D.
    27/06/2018 04:32

    Ma'am u r speaking nonsense!

  • Ehraz A.
    26/06/2018 20:55

    The scene is poorly acted and shot. And i don't think it was pathbreaking because in lipstick under my burkha, there's a scene too in which it is implied that a women is masturbating but that scene is so subtle and amazing. In veere di wedding it is laughable

  • Ananya N.
    26/06/2018 20:17

    Rajat Tuteja

  • Nikhil W.
    26/06/2018 17:45

    Ok feminism and all is good, even the masturbation scene, no problem with that... But it was a stupid movie! You have to agree with that at least! Feminism k naam pe chutiyap mat failao yaar!

  • Aman S.
    26/06/2018 16:10

    More than 90% of Media and Bollywood is Communist in hindu Majority county. ✓Three Kinds of communists in India: 1. Muslim Communist: Islam first. 2. Christian communist: Christianity first. 3. Hindu communist: Abba Jabba Dabba. Only Lal Salaam (mock hindu religion). From the time of Periyar they burnt Manu Smriti and Bhagwad Gita but never Quran or Bible. Sounds propaganda...

  • Aman S.
    26/06/2018 16:07

    SEX,Nudity,VAGINA,porn,Masturbation,LGBT Now you are officially Intellectual .😂😂

  • Allen P.
    26/06/2018 11:55

    Total Chutyapaa - - - !

  • Sanjay R.
    26/06/2018 10:58

    In Veere Di wedding the way they represent that masturbation scene was unpleasant... there is a difference between masturbation and earthquake which they should knw before executing the scene😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rutvi J.
    26/06/2018 05:39

    aa jo....😁😁

  • Anuj C.
    25/06/2018 21:37

    BC porno hi dekha do na .....

  • Abhisek K.
    25/06/2018 17:16

    Ye log PURA Bharat Ko bigad denge🙈

  • आलीम प.
    25/06/2018 16:15

    1नबंर जानू

  • Kumud S.
    25/06/2018 16:15

    Hauwaaa banaya jata hai har cheej ka Indian mein... Just like masturbating scene...

  • Vishu A.
    25/06/2018 14:32

    Kanjari Manjari jaisi lgri dhek

  • Ashwin S.
    25/06/2018 12:14

    Its bad because of bad script, bad story and bad acting, not because people dont like women.

  • Sourashis M.
    25/06/2018 05:02

    Khabi Johnny sins, keiran Lee, Danny D, se mili ho

  • Sourashis M.
    25/06/2018 05:01

    O Aunty aap Kon si pornography industry se ho

  • Sourashis M.
    25/06/2018 04:59

    🖕🖕🏿 kala ya gora which one will be better for you