• Vitumbiko P.
    06/08/2019 15:56

    Loving you 2.

  • Manju K.
    06/28/2018 18:01

    Nupur bahut achcha likha h

  • Swarnali D.
    06/27/2018 04:32

    Ma'am u r speaking nonsense!

  • Ehraz Z.
    06/26/2018 20:55

    The scene is poorly acted and shot. And i don't think it was pathbreaking because in lipstick under my burkha, there's a scene too in which it is implied that a women is masturbating but that scene is so subtle and amazing. In veere di wedding it is laughable

  • Ananya N.
    06/26/2018 20:17

    Rajat Tuteja

  • Nikhil W.
    06/26/2018 17:45

    Ok feminism and all is good, even the masturbation scene, no problem with that... But it was a stupid movie! You have to agree with that at least! Feminism k naam pe chutiyap mat failao yaar!

  • Aman S.
    06/26/2018 16:10

    More than 90% of Media and Bollywood is Communist in hindu Majority county. ✓Three Kinds of communists in India: 1. Muslim Communist: Islam first. 2. Christian communist: Christianity first. 3. Hindu communist: Abba Jabba Dabba. Only Lal Salaam (mock hindu religion). From the time of Periyar they burnt Manu Smriti and Bhagwad Gita but never Quran or Bible. Sounds propaganda...

  • Aman S.
    06/26/2018 16:07

    SEX,Nudity,VAGINA,porn,Masturbation,LGBT Now you are officially Intellectual .😂😂

  • Allen P.
    06/26/2018 11:55

    Total Chutyapaa - - - !

  • Sanjay R.
    06/26/2018 10:58

    In Veere Di wedding the way they represent that masturbation scene was unpleasant... there is a difference between masturbation and earthquake which they should knw before executing the scene😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rutvi J.
    06/26/2018 05:39

    aa jo....😁😁

  • Anuj C.
    06/25/2018 21:37

    BC porno hi dekha do na .....

  • Abhisek K.
    06/25/2018 17:16

    Ye log PURA Bharat Ko bigad denge🙈

  • आलीम प.
    06/25/2018 16:15

    1नबंर जानू

  • Kumud S.
    06/25/2018 16:15

    Hauwaaa banaya jata hai har cheej ka Indian mein... Just like masturbating scene...

  • Vishu A.
    06/25/2018 14:32

    Kanjari Manjari jaisi lgri dhek

  • Ashwin S.
    06/25/2018 12:14

    Its bad because of bad script, bad story and bad acting, not because people dont like women.

  • Kandarp G.
    06/25/2018 06:28

    Idiot. Should i say males are sexually oppressed just because i am virgin? That's stupid. Girl's are equally spoilt. And somewhat more than even me. What about my rights? 😂 That movie is shit. Nonsensical shit. Me feeling deprived is completely different from boys feeling deprived. Stop that shit.you might be a girl but not every girl is like you. So if ever you feel deprived.. just remember there are girls who have more freedom in comparison to ME. So don't consider all girls like you. FUCK THAT SHIT. !

  • Kandarp G.
    06/25/2018 06:20

    To the kitchen. 😑

  • Kàtâñä L.
    06/25/2018 05:02

    Khabi Johnny sins, keiran Lee, Danny D, se mili ho