Akshay Kumar Takes A Ride In Mumbai Metro

At a time when the proposed construction of a metro car shed in Aarey Colony has split Mumbai down the middle, Bollywood's Khiladi No.1 gave the service a big thumbs up.

09/20/2019 2:58 AM
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  • Ashwani T.
    09/20/2019 03:03


  • Punit K.
    09/20/2019 03:04


  • Drjahid K.
    09/20/2019 03:05

    ये कनाडा का नागरिक भारत में देशभक्ति का नाटक करता है.....

  • Barbara P.
    09/20/2019 03:06

    I don’t think this is a great achievement ...yes but for the masses who adore film stars and think they’re God gift to them , I Guess it is marvellous to think that a Bollywood actor has stooped to travel by the metro!

  • Joseph O.
    09/20/2019 03:07

    What about your cycle has it been dusted as yet, dumbass?

  • Shoaib S.
    09/20/2019 03:07


  • Nitin K.
    09/20/2019 03:07

    Great ...public transport need to be promoted .

  • Amir J.
    09/20/2019 03:08

    Why don't the idiots understand people protesting for aarey are not against the Metro.

  • Kailash P.
    09/20/2019 03:08

    Why he and AB are so much dancing on gov. tune.? Why aren't they raising voice for aarey ? Nautanki to make public opinion they will do anything. Disgusting

  • Abhijit M.
    09/20/2019 03:09

    Isko source aur Destination kitna soch ke bolna pad Raha hain,mera shoot tha Ghatkopar main aur kya Bolte hain mujhe Jana tha Versova main😅😅😅😅. Still a 30 year Struggling actor

  • Amir J.
    09/20/2019 03:09

    How convenient. Ghatkopar to versova 🤣🤣🤣 almost the same script as Bachchans.

  • Akshay M.
    09/20/2019 03:10


  • Lizzy P.
    09/20/2019 03:10

    I also love the metro...air-conditioned at low cost...and fastest possible within the city and easily accessible......Chennai Metro rocks.....glad Sir ... U ditched ur fancy cars to prove u are as simple as others...

  • Satyanand M.
    09/20/2019 03:10

    Go to aarey forest also.

  • Nayyar H.
    09/20/2019 03:10

    Canadian in Indian metro

  • Naveen D.
    09/20/2019 03:11

    It's paid post by Mr. Actor.. Trying to promote the positive image of metro🚇 so that hundreds of trees could be cut down for metro project. Paisa bolta hai

  • Neeraj G.
    09/20/2019 03:14

    Chutiye tu non political interview le

  • Zayed A.
    09/20/2019 03:14

    He is on metro.... to make finance minister speech correct....

  • Dave S.
    09/20/2019 03:14

    Akkie made a movie name Metro

  • Abhijit M.
    09/20/2019 03:15

    Look what he said in the end niche baarish main kitna bhi Pani bhar jaaye Lekin metro chalti reheti hain,niche kitna bhi Pani bhar Raha hain uske against govt ke against bhai Saab khade nahi honge,aise hi hota hain jab aap canadian ho aur govt ke sponsored actor bhi....Akshay,Deshbhaktimovie,fake nationalism,ModiZee, Ambani metro promotion,deshbhakti movies, Article 370 next....and rest we all know