Alia Bhatt And Sister Strike Emotional Note At Women’s Summit

Speaking about her sister's battle against depression, Alia Bhatt broke down at We The Women summit hosted by Barkha Dutt You can watch the full video here:

07/12/2019 5:27 AMupdated: 10/12/2019 3:49 PM
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  • Shreeyansh B.
    18/06/2020 16:51

    Alia is only acting she don't care if her sister hve mental disorders .it's all to get media focus .y dint she not understand shushant feelings

  • Monay S.
    11/04/2020 02:22

    as an NRI, I never knew how happy I would feel from seeing these types of dialogues in India

  • Sawmtei C.
    06/04/2020 14:04

    Shaheen is you, Alia Bhatt is me :-*

  • Nitin B.
    02/04/2020 14:59

    Daughter of a bloody traitor and a foreigner.

  • Francisca T.
    30/03/2020 20:09

    Loose weight...n eat 😂😂😂lol

  • Sunish S.
    21/03/2020 19:30

    Good PR work ?👍😆 Good Book releasing Tricks !👍

  • Sneha P.
    18/03/2020 18:25


  • Alviya A.
    18/03/2020 17:25

    Pls understand her. I have been in depression since last 4 yrs, had many many anxiety attacks. When ever attack comes, it is just like heart attack ,it doesn't in my controll , belive is v.v.v painful

  • Jaimin S.
    18/03/2020 15:37

    Who the fuck is she

  • Arti P.
    17/03/2020 17:55

    Great to have such siblings in life .....and very unfortunate are those who couldn't understand their own siblings whom they loved n lived since childhood ...depression is another common disease these days coz of unexpected behavior from closed family or friends... This is very true, strong believe in God can only take your out from depression

  • Ajay B.
    17/03/2020 17:15

    Inka baap Mahesh bhatt dulla h sala randiyo k..apni h betiyo per buri nazar rakhta h mc

  • Aamit P.
    17/03/2020 08:27

    Rubbish & randhir shud be called

  • Aamit P.
    17/03/2020 08:16

    Barkha & alia both without brains

  • Sana M.
    17/03/2020 07:13

    Depression on itself is a complex issue & India is the most depressed country in the world , i think it's very important for us to discuss and tackle depression on a whole . unlike selective issues related only to Alia's sister depression ananya pandey's struggle or Deepika Padukone's depression . Every life matter's be it common man or a celeb so media needs to discuss more on common cause than selective celebs struggle 🖕

  • Samira A.
    17/03/2020 02:25

    Why make such a hullabaloo about it..just because they are celebrities!! Arent we all depressed sad at some point of our lives..weren't our parents n grandparents too.. Love compassion ..reach out to your loved with them..stay safe stay loved!!

  • Pervaiz S.
    16/03/2020 19:13

    I myself have gone through great depression.

  • Sana S.
    16/03/2020 11:47

    I can't understand how rude can people be these days insensitive....immature comments.....people won't understand the pain she has gone through and is going through....I feel so disgusted with people who gave smile😄 reaction .....people have forgotten empathy......people can say many thing but when they themselves will go through then they will understand why she wrote this book....highly educated illiterate are sadly rising in great numbers these days....

  • Vinayak V.
    16/03/2020 11:19

    Her depression and stress levels and struggle could be that she has to get up everyday and go travel her way to the dining chair for her meals. 🙄

  • Poulami N.
    16/03/2020 07:44

    ei je tui Alia k kadie dili

  • Brut India
    16/03/2020 05:57

    Why Alia Bhatt is a catch for big brands:

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