Anupam Kher's Disastrous Audition

An audition is a big deal for Bollywood stars, because they never have to do any. Actor Anupam Kher recounts one that didn't go as planned.

11/03/2019 4:57 AM
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  • Jahangir A.
    a day

    Chhhutiyaaa dallal hai yeh banda

  • Abdul S.
    2 days

    Indian play boy actor

  • Lalditum H.
    2 days

    Bald bhakt

  • Gibson N.
    3 days

    True n amazing message I learn alote

  • Amlan J.
    3 days

    The proper term would be overacting

  • Irfan A.
    3 days

    Chutiyam salfet jyad fentum banrela hai tu

  • Azim A.
    3 days


  • Devanshu S.
    3 days

    He's a piece of shit is what he is

  • Mohd A.
    4 days

    She meant to say that "50 rupai kaat overacting ke" 😂

  • Pravash M.
    4 days

    See the crowd all of you how emotionally driven you all are here... right on his points hindi cinema needs that exaggeration and act while filming .......we're all covered by so many faces you actually have to act to let the Janta know about what, you are trying to portray....& may be he's more leaned towards the political scene nowadays... and I don't blame him for that he's a kashmiri hindu, and has seen and felt more than what you all trying to convey here, but, as an actor he is one of his kind !!

  • Siddharth S.
    4 days

    Perfect for the parliament

  • Shiraz S.
    4 days

    But anyways a good actor though...

  • Shiraz S.
    4 days

    This chutar is a dallal of facist forces fuck you taklu seriously chatukar dalle.....

  • Abhay A.
    5 days

    we r so lucky n blessed child thanx sir thankyousomuch

  • Anubhav R.
    11/13/2019 01:39

    Nice analogy. But he was not able to dial it down, was he?

  • Sandeep P.
    11/12/2019 18:17

    Bhag takle

  • Basant K.
    11/11/2019 12:51

    हिन्दी में बात करे सर, बहुत से लोग समझ नही पाते

  • Imad R.
    11/11/2019 07:47

    💩 kher

  • Upasya G.
    11/10/2019 04:26

    Kuch bhi bolega

  • Purushuttam G.
    11/10/2019 02:05