Anupam Kher's Poem For The Middle-Class

“The tank is full. The milk is boiled. The rice must have gotten burnt… Middle-class people have limited dreams.” Do you agree with Anupam Kher on what it means to be middle-class?

02/04/2021 12:57 PM
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  • Yasuo K.
    08/10/2021 03:15

    Im not sure if its sarcasm but pura insult krdiya fir kehte ho middle class ki jai ho. 😂 bhaag taklu

  • Rosa S.
    06/10/2021 06:53

    Ofcouse lower middle class to middle class is limited to wealth resources.Upper middle class has more access to wealth than any of the middle class level.Why would some low income women marries foreign men,expats it because they want to be in lower middle class to middle class.but ofcourse theyre not allowed to be upper middle.Its limited.The children of the foreign expats,with their english surnames are the ones who became lower middle to middle class,from low income level that's a trend now.

  • Anita P.
    25/07/2021 02:36

    He is insulting the middle class family

  • Mannu K.
    15/07/2021 12:00

    Tum bhi to takle ho...tumhara v to Baal jhag gya hai...

  • Enaam K.
    15/07/2021 06:27

    I can't understand why brut india is always uploading videos of this clown🤡

  • Sameer M.
    14/07/2021 16:52


  • Bhavik T.
    10/07/2021 13:00

    Kyo tum middle class nhi they kiya

  • Bhavik T.
    10/07/2021 12:59

    You have to pay for this

  • Bhavik T.
    10/07/2021 12:59

    You insulted middle classs

  • Bhavik T.
    10/07/2021 12:58

    Anupamkher pagal ho gya he

  • Mohammed S.
    09/07/2021 15:20

    Sorry , I think you have had expected reactions ! , we are duped ! But hope you’ve got some real opinion about you ! Brut is paying you ! But Brut posts some interesting videos also , need to see you which one to view !

  • Mohammed S.
    09/07/2021 15:09

    Sycophancy backfired , You a a middle class actor (Mediocre) too Sir, You can’t bring back the prestige you lost ! You can never be in the league of critically acclaimed actors in front of western media ! So enjoy you middle class status humbly , you’ve eaten well since last 40 years !

  • Khomrang W.
    09/07/2021 05:08

    Ayega toh Modi hi. 🥲

  • Ghaus N.
    08/07/2021 22:43

    I think, this naration is from someone's personal experience, This vedio is insult to 90 percent of the citizen of India. Freedom of expression doesnt mean that one can assume anything about anyone.its shamful that such acts of actors are really disturbing the minds of people, segregating themselves from 90 percent of the the citizen. Insulting feelings of those who from whole day earned money of 200 around brings tea and milk to feed his /her family.

  • Ghaus N.
    08/07/2021 22:34

    I am a middle class as per the society, because emiddle class are those to them who have less income, we pay income tax out of total salary. I am middle class but I never feel like this. Your thinking and your Deeds make you middle, lower and higher class. I Totally disagree.

  • Ghaus N.
    08/07/2021 22:28

    What nosense is this

  • Rehana A.
    06/07/2021 20:54


  • Arun K.
    06/07/2021 15:33

    तू डीजल पेट्रोल पी पेट भर

  • Arun K.
    06/07/2021 15:32

    बिना बाल के चमगादड़

  • Arnab R.
    06/07/2021 12:34

    Kyu re girgit petrol price per kyun nahi bolta ab ? Khane peene ki cheezo pe dhyan hai tujhe kuttey kaise guzara Kar rahe hai log.....aur tu sapne bechne chala hai ? Price Kya sirf musalmano k liye bade hai ? Sab k liye bade hai...

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