Arundhati Roy: The Writer And Maverick

She is a celebrated novelist. Yet, much of her career has been dedicated to her impassioned non-fiction writing. Her outspokenness has also earned her the tag of being an anti-national. She turned 61 this week.

25/11/2020 11:11 AMupdated: 27/11/2020 12:46 PM
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  • Rejina S.
    3 days

    She is absolutely nothing in front of meets Nair.

  • Roshni R.
    6 days


  • Mou C.
    16/01/2021 19:06

    Her real name is Arundhati shahnaz roy... plzz don't think she is a Hindu talking about India... she is communist who hate Hinduism and Indian culture... talks always negative about the country where she lives and earn her living... bullshit woman...

  • Tufayel A.
    14/01/2021 21:01

    she's personality and manners inspire me a lot. A very humble and talented women 💕

  • Saadia S.
    14/01/2021 14:48

    i was talking about this lady

  • Jocelyne M.
    12/01/2021 15:17

    What a fantastic warrior. Beauty thé truth thé right all need tyrannie. Fantastic

  • Raju A.
    12/01/2021 14:38


  • Kevin S.
    12/01/2021 04:56

    Yasin Malik's c 0 c k lover.

  • Vn B.
    09/01/2021 02:12

    She is a psycho path antie modi and a leftist stooge What she says is absolute none sense half truths and innuendos a modern avatar of Ghebbels

  • Surjit S.
    07/01/2021 06:09

    Only India haters subscribe to her shit.what does she contribute to the society and nation only bashing and shaming India. Gone are are the days , when such scavengers ruled the roost.

  • Iman M.
    06/01/2021 20:35


  • ShaaKill A.
    06/01/2021 18:22

    i respect this lady

  • Sougat M.
    05/01/2021 17:17

    Pussy cat

  • Vinod P.
    04/01/2021 02:53

    Weed Mam 😜

  • Abdul N.
    31/12/2020 20:40


  • Neetam K.
    30/12/2020 21:03

    I am against most of the stands she has taken in her public life,but as a person she's somebody young women especially should aspire for mainly from disadvantaged class of people in India.

  • Mehjabin M.
    29/12/2020 19:23

    India is the place where people can die easily,,if u want to suicide just go there

  • Sonoo M.
    29/12/2020 13:46


  • Arun K.
    29/12/2020 06:05

    "One book wonder"

  • Tanveer G.
    28/12/2020 17:14

    Sacrificing the age old culture... For?

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