Bollywood Actors Are Becoming YouTubers

Mainstream celebrities are now invading YouTube and the viewers aren't very happy. 😾

12/08/2019 9:09 AMupdated: 12/08/2019 9:39 AM
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  • Goody S.
    15/09/2019 07:12

    hi everyone, hope this YouTube video helps you to earn successfully via the four 'zara hatke' tips

  • Rajarshi P.
    10/09/2019 11:56

    What is the problem in watching both celebrity as well as youtuber. It is about the content and the audience.

  • Hirangshu M.
    31/08/2019 03:30

    it started dude. yt getting mainstream exposure or wot?

  • Abhiraj B.
    31/08/2019 01:34

    No worries these celebs wont last for long on YouTube.

  • Rishan N.
    30/08/2019 09:56

    Bollywood actors and actresses are just WANNA BE'S

  • Ajay P.
    30/08/2019 09:04

    What's the difference between a Bollywood actor and a tiktoker

  • Gou .
    30/08/2019 06:48

    Upload your naked video in YouTube channel bitch

  • অভিষেক দ.
    30/08/2019 04:56

    Main baat public hi chutiya hain..

  • Gulshan
    30/08/2019 04:01

    Don't give excuses. Struggle thats what you need to do

  • Keerthi J.
    29/08/2019 10:12

  • Jhilam S.
    29/08/2019 09:35

    Showbai sala taaka kamabe

  • Bendangnuken J.
    29/08/2019 07:40

    But I hate all indian youtubers . 10 mins of stupid chit chats and introduction and finally the main concept is in te last 2 mins of the video which 15 mins video. Y'all gotta improve and learn from the west youtubers . PUBG youtubers really sucks . Why beg for likes subscribe in the first fucking ten mins ?

  • Sandipan N.
    29/08/2019 06:22

    etar kotha bolchilam sedin!!! :)

  • Murudesh K.
    29/08/2019 04:59

    To connect with their fans??? Tell them demonetize their account 😆

  • Swapnil G.
    29/08/2019 04:11

    I'm a big fan of Alia. but she's uploading upload vdos after lots of editing and she have cameramans to shoot her vdo , that's not vlog and that's not personal touch. 😊 Vlogging means it has to be RAW. Sometimes Jacqueline f is uploading real one 😍. The RAW FOOTAGE

  • Robinsan T.
    28/08/2019 23:46

    Not surprised even when Our PM has YouTube account. 😂😂😂

  • Mayükh D.
    28/08/2019 12:25

    How the heck actresses become actor

  • Marndi P.
    28/08/2019 09:48

    Sab chinn Lena chahte ye.. Kalyug h ...

  • Pradeepti S.
    28/08/2019 09:46

    even though it's true that they will get subscribers for shitty content. This comes off as a bit jealous. You tube does not belong to the youtubers. But it would be fair if their video is not monetized I think. It's not like they need it.

  • Rishav C.
    28/08/2019 08:39

    Which ass u would like Carri Bhai Ka ya jaqui Ka 😅

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