Bollywood Divided By #MeToo Movement

Watch the 3 ways that Bollywood celebrities have responded to Tanushree Dutta’s sexual harassment allegations against Nana Patekar.

10/09/2018 9:21 AM
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  • Shiva S.
    11/02/2018 01:05

    She wants money and publicity

  • Jayant
    10/28/2018 04:21

    Sale darpok

  • Vijay M.
    10/27/2018 16:24

    Salman khan ki Aishwarya se poocho

  • Ashoke M.
    10/27/2018 16:04

    It's a perfect case of publicity stunt

  • Lavanya S.
    10/27/2018 14:27


  • Yaiphaba S.
    10/27/2018 13:33

    Who the hell this tanushree dutta is???? I even seen her face before

  • Im D.
    10/27/2018 12:48

    I won't say I'm with tanushree neither I say I support Nana but who ever is culprit better be punished if allegations are true he should be punished if it's not tanushree she also face punishment for such things that's it. I know how difficult it is too come out but right now I can't say much about all this

  • Tarun M.
    10/27/2018 10:22

    Ye randiya women empowerment ki baat kar karti hain madarchod

  • Goutam M.
    10/27/2018 07:04

    Sab bakwas

  • Kartik V.
    10/27/2018 05:54

    Why should anyone support anyone on the base of allegations... is anything proven yet???

  • Amit G.
    10/27/2018 04:55

    India me jabtak cinema hai, tabtaak aadmi ch****ya baante rehenge.

  • Patowary R.
    10/27/2018 03:30

    Its called "Innocent until proven guilty" Don't be a judge on social media.. You can't know who's to blame... Social media just focuses on character assassination...

  • Manish R.
    10/27/2018 03:21

    Mahesh bhatt ki ladki bc. Apne Baap se bhi jyada jhooti

  • Ya S.
    10/27/2018 03:19

    When Asifs rapist is free what about u u r randians

  • Abhilash S.
    10/26/2018 18:15

    As i believe Truth prevails, so one must stand by law and order and then take any action. I don't want to entertain any sort of argument but i always believed nana patekar to be someone very humble and kind in nature. So if tanushree really feels that she was molested by him then perhaps a legal step would have been a proper step rather coming up with media covers and accusing with no substantial evidences since i guess we are quite educated to understand the fact that one can get past any sort of such molestation if in case nana patekar had committed then it's by our own legal constitution.

  • Irshad N.
    10/26/2018 17:20

    मालूम है तुम ना सब को इंग्लिश comment karne wale ghar mein Sabko

  • Ajay K.
    10/26/2018 17:02

    India is place where man is gulity unless proved innocent..Women is innocent unless proved guilty

  • Ajay K.
    10/26/2018 16:50

    This is the definition of ...To get successful in the field do anything after some years come with a complaint...Aushman kurrana kyu ithan diplomatic ban Raha hai??This all publicity stunts

  • Nikhil P.
    10/26/2018 14:36

    Shithin Raj hypocrites

  • Vikrant P.
    10/26/2018 14:24

    Pooja Bhatt's point was the most accurate .... even if she made an allegation the media should not have made ruckus of that ... and let the court take its path.