Bollywood Divided By #MeToo Movement

Watch the 3 ways that Bollywood celebrities have responded to Tanushree Dutta’s sexual harassment allegations against Nana Patekar.

10/09/2018 9:21 AM
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  • Saswata G.
    10/09/2018 09:27

    I can't blv Salman said deer but this paid media make this dear...

  • Tasikul I.
    10/09/2018 09:30

    The best reply by shakti kapoor ,,, 1o saal pehele to mai chota baccha tha☺️😊😊

  • Parminder P.
    10/09/2018 09:32

    Big celebrities are only concerned about making crores by making shitty movies

  • Sohail Y.
    10/09/2018 09:34

    Being human Hahahahaha

  • Piyush U.
    10/09/2018 09:41

    Let the law take its course.. Why should we brainstorm on who is guilty and who is not.. I have firm belief in the Indian judiciary.. The judgment may get delayed but is never denied.

  • Prateek S.
    10/09/2018 09:48

    Femishits trying so hard to garner support from out of work n long forgotten actresses! :D

  • Subho D.
    10/09/2018 09:50

    Support Tanushree Dutta.

  • Rin T.
    10/09/2018 09:50

    randi hain sali

  • Amirul R.
    10/09/2018 09:52

    Good boys Bad boys 😋😂

  • Vinayak V.
    10/09/2018 09:58

    I truly appreciate the take of Mrs. Pooja Bhat on the whole thing. She is not taking any sides but creating a counter narrative which everyone should have these days. Qe should maintain our mental diet, never trust what a stranger serves you, or a stranger says to you. Media is the stranger in this case. Putting words in one's mouth is being a norm in media these days...

  • Shalaka N.
    10/09/2018 10:02

    see salman khan statement😂😂

  • Brut India
    10/09/2018 10:08

    Singer Kailash Kher, featured in the video calling Dutta's allegations a "meaningless controversy", is himself facing accusations of harassment by a female photojournalist. Kher has denied the allegation.

  • Sumit M.
    10/09/2018 10:11

    hmm dusra ka career bikar ka khud pir sa Bollywood mai entry marna chahati haaa,just make again his popularity in Bollywood

  • Prashant D.
    10/09/2018 10:12

    where were these celebreties when jia khan did suicide...??? was not that a prime case of harassment in bollywood...??? but nobody uttered a word...bollywood is always ppl care and sympathise least...

  • Vimmy M.
    10/09/2018 10:13

    Why is she showing this courage after 10 yrs of sexual harassment?????? If she was so hurt , she shd hv taken Nana’s name then.... why nw????

  • Ruhul A.
    10/09/2018 10:27

    Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and all woods are evil money making institute with some good movies coming out once in a moonlight.

  • Vimmy M.
    10/09/2018 10:28

    Just an idle mind!

  • Arnab J.
    10/09/2018 10:42

    Kailash ji and Annu kapoor ji...stole my words♥️

  • Shashank K.
    10/09/2018 10:44

    Respect the women even when she is abusing 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Yaqub K.
    10/09/2018 10:49

    Chitrangada is looking stunning 🤩😍