• Renu W.
    29/04/2019 15:18

    Sau chuhe khaake billi————

  • Renu W.
    29/04/2019 15:14

    Dumb,dumber,dumbest together

  • श्री य.
    29/04/2019 04:23

    हिंदू आतंकवाद म्हणणारी ही मरियम अकत्तर आता आम्हाला शिकवणार ..? लिहून ठेवा कमीत किमी 4लाख मतांनी पडणार...👍👍👍

  • Asghar A.
    23/04/2019 17:49

    india need change some educate people like u and urmila u can do this

  • Anubhav T.
    16/04/2019 09:16

    Urmila Matondkar said "Hinduism has turned out to be the most violent religion of them all". Yesterday, Urmila Matondkar's Congress workers beat up People at Borivali railway station because those people were chanting Modi..Modi. But this is Violence by Secular Party so chalta hai.

  • Utpal R.
    14/04/2019 11:16

    Urmilla and her sepech has given me one more reason to vote for Modi, Good job Urmilla

  • Rupesh S.
    14/04/2019 11:08

    प्र पे

  • Gaurav M.
    14/04/2019 10:25

    Kitna bhi karo jitega toh ..Modi

  • Sumanshu K.
    14/04/2019 09:17

    Female version of Rahul Gandhi 🤣🤣

  • Madhav P.
    14/04/2019 08:24

    Please from now on, mention her real name please.

  • Nikesh S.
    14/04/2019 07:06

    Chal Jhooti

  • Jignesh P.
    14/04/2019 03:50

    Why Hindu girls after marrying Muslim boy forget there religion why they speak against Hindu and why Muslim girl not speaking against there religion even marrying Hindu boy?

  • Arjun S.
    14/04/2019 03:34

    Faltu hai be tu

  • Debabrata K.
    14/04/2019 03:03

    Shut up

  • Manoj K.
    14/04/2019 03:01

    I hate congress

  • Sunny B.
    13/04/2019 21:34

    She is playing the card for congress

  • Dhaval A.
    13/04/2019 19:24

    Only modi

  • Sandeep P.
    13/04/2019 18:56

    Get lost..

  • Sonam A.
    13/04/2019 18:52

    Career in Bollywood is almost over so need to find new way to make money and that is what exactly she got....No wonder why she has joined Congress! Firstly her career is over, secondly she wants ₹ 72000 in her account! Bhaiya all that matters is money now 😂

  • Gaurav B.
    13/04/2019 18:44

    Who gives a shit of what she thinks.... every celebrity with a flop career is storming into the opposition... whether it's Urmila or swara bhaskar

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