• Ashutosh J.
    07/06/2019 16:21

    Today i come to know its tuned out, i was searing the tune of Video Patrol, not even google knows it wtf is wrong feeling very sad, in this age no body has that tune

  • Bharti K.
    03/01/2018 13:03


  • Manjunath J.
    27/12/2017 16:58

    So sad to hear of that,we 1990' s kids were entertained by V and MTV,

  • Nitika K.
    27/12/2017 15:54

    I’m sad

  • Shriya D.
    27/12/2017 06:45

  • Clevino F.
    27/12/2017 05:24

    Saddd 😢😢

  • Prayas G.
    27/12/2017 04:27

    apna fav channel 😂😂 ka shuruad .

  • Sheikh F.
    27/12/2017 03:39

    Stupid teenage shows ruined it. The shows were so bad that I neither liked them as a teen nor as a youth, so it's better this way.

  • Shaikh A.
    27/12/2017 02:58

    I am still getting this channel

  • Shashwat M.
    27/12/2017 02:54

    look.. this is what I was telling you about

  • Sarthak A.
    27/12/2017 02:36


  • Yash S.
    27/12/2017 02:35

    Simpoo was my favourite

  • Chetu N.
    27/12/2017 02:30

    We still miss V ROOMIES.. Awesome show

  • Varun T.
    27/12/2017 02:23

    But seriously , v had turned moreinto a dailysoap channel from a music channel , eveytime i switched to V i could see group of people dancing or some stories going on , which was actually irritating to watch all the time .

  • Saini S.
    27/12/2017 02:06

    Now a days no music... Just daily serials of youngsters like saas bahu on others..... I really miss songs on it.

  • Vivek J.
    27/12/2017 02:00

    Good riddance

  • Neha G.
    27/12/2017 00:21

    I loved it in my childhood..chartbusters was my favourite show anchored by Vj Juhi and Gaurav...also loved VIVA and Aasma band hunt..it was a trendsetter channel at that time..Iy was the only channel which introduced me to Enrique... Although it degraded with time..but these shows will still remind me of my childhood. Goodbye Channel V!

  • Aakash S.
    26/12/2017 23:40

    Why rip v channel?

  • Dindayal R.
    26/12/2017 23:23

    The famous Gaurav Kapur show, phone uthao Gaana bajaao.. that's what it's tag line was. Not able to recollect the shows name. It was my fav. You had to call in, And Gaurav used to answer n play songs of ur request

  • Maha K.
    26/12/2017 22:59


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