Choreographer's shocking comments about casting couch

The choreographer, Saroj Khan, apologised after making these remarks about the casting couch in the film industry.

04/25/2018 1:30 AM
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  • Madhurima D.
    04/25/2018 02:58

    Sorry bolne ka kya hai ??? Saahi to bola... ab isko leke Saroj Khan k piche padoge kya ?? Sala iss desh mein sach bolna problm ho gaya hai

  • Sumit P.
    04/25/2018 03:05

    I believe Casting Couch happen on consent , if an actor does not want to give concent just to get a role in film then no body can do anything, its wrong but its a fact. She is not defending . all she is saying is if u have talent and guts u will somehow manage without compromise

  • Ashraf M.
    04/25/2018 03:06

    We all know it's up to her. But when she is driven up to the point that she has no other option and taking advantage of her is the PROBLEM!

  • Sana R.
    04/25/2018 03:06

    That's how she got job????

  • AJ A.
    04/25/2018 03:24

    Sahi bat bhi hai. Koy jabardasti se kuch nahi kar sakta. Heroen banane ke liye khud marji si ha kehti hongi. Offer except karti hongi.

  • Sumit R.
    04/25/2018 03:33

    She told truth by saying that atleast bollywood doesn't leave girls after raping them....It means that girls in the film industries are raped....

  • Kajal G.
    04/25/2018 03:35

    Sala harami

  • Devesh K.
    04/25/2018 03:40

    Those words do not endorse casting couch at all. And she is entirely correct in saying that if you believe yourself deserving or talented and if you are then you don't need to adapt to such favors. And if you are doing it you're equally responsible. Pressurising someone with derogatory narratives to apologise won't change facts. You encouraging it and are equally complicit if your offer sexual favors for work and equally guilty for someone who wants to do it based on her talent fairly.

  • Csgovind J.
    04/25/2018 03:44

    Itni Bari choreographer hai or famous v uske baad saroj ji ka aisa statement acha nahi hai..yadi Bollywood me kuch galat ho raha hai ya hota hai to aise chijo KE khilaaf aabaaz uthaye

  • Abdul W.
    04/25/2018 03:46

    Jahil log ki jahil jesa comments.....this medam is mad

  • Chimse B.
    04/25/2018 03:49


  • Maneesh M.
    04/25/2018 03:53

    Simple she was high that time 😂..

  • Gungun S.
    04/25/2018 03:55

    Ye Pagal hai kya ... Rape kr k Chor Nahi deta.... What the hell.... This lady is mad ... Aisi v mentality hai logon ki Wah...

  • Rohitt D.
    04/25/2018 03:56

    Well she’s right to some extent. One wouldn’t sell her pride for money, it’s always upto us what we wanna do. Bollywood actresses are big hypocrites, first they do it then they make a news out of it to get famous

  • Kritivas A.
    04/25/2018 04:01

    It requires two hands to clap. If someone doesn't like the advances being made towards them, then say no and walk away. She said that art is with us. If the art is worth it, they can find the jobs one way or another. She isn't endorsing casting couch..

  • Ravi C.
    04/25/2018 04:07

    Darshan Vaishya she spoked truth but other nibbas got triggered

  • Satendra B.
    04/25/2018 04:12

    Rape krke chodne wali bat Galt thi..Baki sab sahi..

  • Pooja J.
    04/25/2018 04:13

    People are telling if you don't want to get in then no one could force you Well they don't force you directly they find alternative indirect ways to take benifits from you Not only bollywood every damn business has these typea of a-hole who take advantages of women on pretext of something or the other Many people are jobless, jobs are not easily available in market and in that if a girl is working to support her family and she is pressurized to compromise and if she is not keeping the demands then she will be black listed then tell me what should they do It's easy to speak without thinking you will only get it when you will put your feet in their shoes

  • Prosun M.
    04/25/2018 04:14

    Everything was right except that rape thing.. We support Saroj Ji, don't listen to these news

  • Bishal M.
    04/25/2018 04:15

    U r righ saroj khan