Comedian Exposes Peeing Habits Of Men

“Inside the pot, not around the pot.” Jeeya Sethi goes below the belt with her latest standup act. 😂

03/28/2020 2:57 PM
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    • Dipu P.
      6 hours

      Not funny at all

    • Kanagaraj E.
      12 hours

      I got a new word instead of pee.... tik tik Tik. Now I'm going to tik tik tik.

    • Shashi K.
      16 hours

      Well I wonder how much fun they were having listening to Dick jokes. Only thing is to Maintain Hygiene for everyone and it's common sence and not rocket science.

    • Navya M.
      18 hours

      Sooooo trueeeee

    • Anish M.
      a day

      Foolishness.....Don't kill the comedy...

    • Ramakanth R.
      a day

      what is this

    • Zaynah N.
      a day


    • Kanishk K.
      a day

      Any standup female comic The way to get views Go feminist and talk about Men...😂😂

    • Emzy S.
      a day

      Siripey varlayea d...😅😅😅

    • Geetanjali S.
      2 days

      I don't find this funny.... this is comedy now a days to fain attention and prove one us modern

    • Ibrahim M.
      2 days

      Yaaawn. Boring

    • Anirudh K.
      2 days

      When some women cant find funny things to entertain people they go for men penis. Not only urinating, penis can fill up your stomach with babies too..

    • Akhil U.
      2 days


    • Farwa S.
      3 days


    • Raghavendra N.
      3 days

      This is comedy ...shi...........,.

    • Neeta N.
      3 days

      Its okay to spread message through humour but it’s too much personal information about men’s business. Finally becomes cheap comedy. 😡

    • Ragini A.
      3 days


    • Vishal K.
      4 days

      Don't like your attitude..

    • Reena J.
      4 days


    • Mohammad A.
      4 days