Comedian Trashes India's Fair Skin Obsession

Stand-up comic Saikiran's dissection of India's obsession with fairness is not just skin-deep.

13/06/2020 2:57 PM
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    Woooohoooooo!!!!! Superb!!!

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    Superrrr.Really I was impressed.

  • Sonu S.
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    Young Sunder pichae

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    Are you ok with girl darker tone than you with appearance like you ??? LOL speak yourself with 😄 t colours andy alwayst even insect's .

  • Nitin K.
    19 hours

    Singh 😂😂😂

  • Michael J.
    20 hours

    Good humour. Can't help but sympathize with this guy.

  • Pooja R.
    21 hours

    Hats off to u bro .what a great video!

  • Aly G.
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    Best 😝

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    Endless Sense Of Humour With Substance, Really Love It😆🤣🙏

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    listen after 1:20 lol

  • Sanjoy D.
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    racism can never call for a treaty..

  • Ben K.
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    Aryan are the white Hindustani races of north sub indian continent.. viz afghan Parsis so on.

  • Ben K.
    a day

    Dark indians are born out of dark skin dravidians of south India mainly Tamil or south Arabian African races

  • Ben K.
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    Addendum. ABRAHAM WAS PROGENITOR OF ARYAN RACE white race VIZ. BRAHMAN HINDU. Not dark Krishna .

  • Ben K.
    a day

    I have my theory and own answer. Who was or may have been the first hindu in color, language vis a vis hindu identity? Let me put my theory and answer straight. ABRAHAM VIZ. BRAHMAN SO ON IN HINDU CASTE AS CENTRAL FIGURE. FIRST HINDU RELIGION WAD ABRAHAMIC..

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