Dark Skin Roles But STILL No Dark Skin Actors

It's trying to show more dark skin on screen, but Bollywood is getting it wrong.

11/07/2019 4:57 AMupdated: 12/30/2019 2:07 PM
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  • Bunda A.
    15 hours

    Same here in Indonesia, fair skin and half western looks needed to be actress 😁

  • निकेश थ.
    16 hours

    like you said they are not the best people to talk about body positivity. :D

  • Karla V.
    a day

    Indian people are such a beautifull race of people. Specially the darker skin tones. They are all beautiful. Which they could celebrate it instead.

  • Tiare F.
    a day

    Why I stopped watching Bollywood movies! Got tired of watching the same actors and actresses with light skin and green eyes.

  • Cenat C.
    a day

    I am brown dude and I love brown skin which is one the best skin we ever have !! That’s why I never watch Bollywood.. long time ago !!!

  • Shenaz A.
    2 days

    Here's the reality: Indians worship fair skin. I'm the whole of India, every cream is a skin lightening one. The reality is if dark skinned actors were used then Indians won't wanna watch the movies. The mentality of the whole country must change.

  • Summer S.
    2 days

    very good for all

  • Dellora D.
    2 days

    Sorry but people Like Bipasha and Kajol and Deepika are no long their true stunning dusky selves anymore...they have all does some retarded skin lightening nonsense and lost out on their actual stunningly beautiful golden glow...... Body positivity a struggle in our country cause the people (celebs) who try to promot it have undergone surgery or some type of cosmetic change

  • Abdimajid G.
    2 days

    Bollywood is rasisme

  • Varsha G.
    3 days

    No body is fair in india .they all are brown light brown .lightest brown at max ...only few people from kasmir and upper part of india are fair due to environment there...

  • Trecia D.
    3 days

    So stupid

  • Dean M.
    3 days

    Stupid, dump people

  • Mahato M.
    3 days

    But in reality Indian skin tone is not acceptable by Indians😏😢

  • Shubhita G.
    3 days

    Underrepresented? Are you serious? It's Bollywood not a Democracy. They produce content which people consume. That's how they make profits. All these self righteous people calling things this and that, you are the consumers and you are the reason for the kind of casting that happens.

  • Nas A.
    4 days

    Unfortunately this will NEVER change. Asians in general believe and like only fair skin. Be it any ASIAN around the world. (SEE HERE, I HAVE NIT MENTIONED INDIAN, BUT ASIAN INCLUDING THE YELLOW RACE).

  • Anisha T.
    5 days

    Thats why i love madhrasi movies😊😊

  • Daljit K.
    5 days

    This is why Bollywood is so fake and baseless in wat they portray

  • Pari B.
    5 days

    This topic is good but baseless. Dark skin or not its nonsense to hire anyone only based on the looks. Why would you support someone hiring a dark skin actor just because he she got the required look but not the required talent??? Bhumi is a great actress she isn't dark skin but isnt fair either. She's brown and I think she got the role for her talent, not for skin colour. But I would still believe this video only if I see an evidence that a "good" dark skin actor with talent and the required look was rejected and replaced by a fair skin actor either with talent or no talent .

  • Aleya B.
    5 days

    Bollywood is full of filthy politics, they harass and bully people who come from non filming backgrounds, all these bigger celebrities in Bollywood are full of DOGS, INDIA as a country is full Nepotism

  • Pangthang A.
    6 days

    Indians are obsessed with fair complexion, fair and lovely is selling's the viewer demanding actors fairness not nepotism..