• Mohabbat H.
    07/02/2019 15:36

    My best friend ekta kapoor je

  • Thaka T.
    26/04/2018 09:00

    Wow. To accuse the victims for their voice and to say she believes in me too movement. Height of diplomacy!

  • Nikesh M.
    25/04/2018 13:27

    Sexual affairs are very common in politics and flim industry

  • Sudipa R.
    24/02/2018 20:48

    Look who is talking...making money by making girls look bachari in her serials. .n torturing peeps like me to whom its serious abuse

  • Meraj A.
    22/02/2018 21:59

    Ppz get married you are frustated thtz all....

  • Vikas C.
    22/02/2018 20:33

    अब prostitite लोग, sexual harshment ki bat krengengi.

  • Jay G.
    22/02/2018 20:04

    Aur hum itne saal se Tushar Kapoor ka mental molestation sahan kar rahe hai , uska kya? 😂😂😂

  • Shyamosree D.
    22/02/2018 19:50

    Um if things were right and only acting and talent mattered to make it in the industry in the first place, actresses wouldn't have to do it. It is only because your male counterparts change judgements by the propositions in the first place that these happen. If people didn't have to sleep with directors in the industry to make a career, do you think they would've?

  • Pramod K.
    22/02/2018 18:50

    Kitne actor ke sath tumne sex Kiya hai

  • Pramod K.
    22/02/2018 18:49

    Kitno se tumne sex kareaya hai madhar choj

  • Ravi K.
    22/02/2018 18:48


  • Pramod K.
    22/02/2018 18:48

    Randi ekta kapoor

  • Udita S.
    22/02/2018 18:15

    She clearly doesn’t understand sexual harassment. People are desperate to get into the film industry and are willing to use whatever they have to make sure they get through. This majorly happens because they know that such tactics work! They know that the very system they’re applying to also adjusts this idea of casting couch. If tomorrow all hiring individuals unilaterally decide that they will pick only and only those who refuse to put out, I wonder how many of such “propositions” would continue to exist.

  • Parth K.
    22/02/2018 18:02

    Whats a sexual "prow ness" 😂

  • Dolvyn B.
    22/02/2018 17:54

    Looks as if actors hv proposed her into the casting couch.... She made no sense

  • Kuldeep P.
    22/02/2018 17:14

    ur mentor is saying something!

  • Anup M.
    22/02/2018 17:01

    Wait. Why does she go through male counterparts' mobiles?🙄

  • Priyanka S.
    22/02/2018 16:58

    bandii kya Bol gayi ?

  • Poorvisha R.
    22/02/2018 16:55

    Actors proposition the people in power, because they know what many of them actually seek. That's how it was, until recently, when things have started to get more professional,slowly. Actors have struggled on and on, and met predator after predator and they proposition because that's all they have seen. As for Ekta Kapoor, many actors have alleged similar stuff against her, so not surprising she took the other side. Yeah, Harvey Weinstein need not be male always. It's about power.

  • Umesh R.
    22/02/2018 16:48


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