• Rahul V.
    20/09/2018 13:12

    haha <3 sharing @

  • Rashmi A.
    07/09/2018 05:45

    More power to you my beauties <3

  • Supriyo K.
    07/03/2018 17:35

    Very good thinking, now please start a campaign to prevent blackmailing for alimony. If the wife is found guilty during a divorce lawsuit she is still entitled to get a share of husband's income.

  • Raghu N.
    07/03/2018 13:56

    , can you beat them?

  • Diptiranjan N.
    07/03/2018 09:20


  • Ashwin P.
    07/03/2018 08:22

    Most of the female comics just use man bashing, you get sick and tired of it after a while

  • Pragya V.
    07/03/2018 06:54


  • Kedar S.
    07/03/2018 06:54

    Holy moly 👎👎😂😂

  • Anjani B.
    07/03/2018 06:46

    This is not comedy. This is social engineering. And just like Indian IT engineers, Indian social engineers are so pathetic that they have to copy all their concepts and terminologies from the West. Pretty soon we will also be facing braindead Feminazis and SJWs telling us what is Manspreading and how Air-conditioners are sexiest. Thankfully, Indian youth is more sensible than American. I just saw an example yesterday when 'Bharat tere tukre honge' gang member, Shehla rashid went to join SSC Scam protest and was booed away instantly. It was fun to watch....

  • Sanjeevani B.
    01/03/2018 11:53


  • Ashish J.
    27/02/2018 20:48

    All the well educated empowerd women are busy making Rockets and Satellites, And rest Double standard womens are busy commenting in here !

  • Dev
    26/02/2018 23:45

    Standup comedy + talk all shit like women empowerment = money teaching uneducated n poor about education, safety n stuff = no money taking money and doing comedy over other people, panties periods skirts high heels never give either women safety or empowerment joking on yourselves making money, wow so much empowerment

  • Dhandaalu S.
    26/02/2018 21:49

    Typical women whining and bashing men for their own failures and incompetence! 🙄 why are women so hell bent in shoving down the period thing down men’s throats? Men don’t give a fuck about your periods and the related melodramatic Shit! It’s the women who will have their ovaries set on fire immediately whenever they see a man talk or ask about periods! Forcing men to acknowledge about women’s genitalia and the associated mess is as disgusting as guys sending unwanted dick pics to women in the chats!!

  • Rareș A.
    26/02/2018 09:59

    These propaganda pages are getting more numerous each day. Literal no-name pages popping out with the same level of stupid posts.

  • Steve A.
    26/02/2018 09:37

    Bullshit... you want to see real Queen check Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj she is the Real women.. who stands up head to head ... challenge all odds ..

  • Charu B.
    26/02/2018 05:52


  • Neil J.
    26/02/2018 05:50

    and have a nice day reading through these comments.

  • Nauman S.
    26/02/2018 05:41

    And if we say anything back to them we are framed as sexists ah the irony 😂😂

  • Arpit A.
    26/02/2018 05:40

    Gaurang Gokhale Sayali Surjuse Chetan Dhore

  • Aniket G.
    26/02/2018 05:33

    Kya yaar facebook bandh krna padega, page khulte hi femonism ki baatein suru. hat saaala..!

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