In A Complicated Relationship With Sneakers! 👟❤️

“Getting that sneaker smell is unbelievable.” Sneakerhead Rannvijay Singha tells Brut how sneakers became a cultural icon for Gen Z.

04/09/2021 5:27 AM
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  • Vinita T.
    6 days

    Only if they could donate atleast simple sneakers to all poor children in villages or the needy lot....sad....

  • Siddhant G.
    13/01/2022 17:25

    What do you do with this many pairs? Ive got 3 pairs. One formals, one casuals and one sport shoes. And thats all i need.

  • Saroj G.
    09/01/2022 23:31


  • Aatif A.
    05/01/2022 17:44

    ya ya 😭😭

  • Wang M.
    05/01/2022 02:47

    This means you can earn a lot just by insulting people.thanos was always a hero...

  • Chokley N.
    28/12/2021 11:40

    I am impressed

  • Madihah P.
    25/12/2021 08:04

    if u were a celebrity!!!!! More than u need less than u want always!!!!!!!!

  • Sumit R.
    25/12/2021 00:26

    Worst content so far

  • Shantanu P.
    24/12/2021 22:36

    look at his collection!!

  • Monik L.
    24/12/2021 18:18

    Now u should start selling...u have more stock than..any shoe shop owner..🤣😂😂🤣

  • Chaitanya I.
    21/12/2021 23:30

    Madness and rubbish content by Brut. Such celebrities do more harm than good to their followers by inculcating a materialistic mindset. 😡😜

  • Liam J.
    21/12/2021 17:35

    India cheap is available?

  • Abdulsamad S.
    21/12/2021 16:17

    Big chutiya, if he die, will take all inside his grave

  • Mahmuda M.
    21/12/2021 06:21

    dekh tor moto,,,

  • Nemat A.
    20/12/2021 23:37

    u 😂

  • Ruben S.
    20/12/2021 20:37

    Indian pop stars are not sneaker heads. Most of them go for designer brands which doesn’t define you as a sneaker head. RanVJ is a sneakerhead for sure. No one will tell you but it’s a must for a sneakerhead to own a variety of Jordan’s , Dunks and Yeezys(atleast 10 pairs of each )

  • Abuana G.
    20/12/2021 19:33

    He might have mental issues

  • Anusha D.
    20/12/2021 17:20

    U should donate also 🙂 ur fans feel proud on u

  • Samir A.
    20/12/2021 10:06

    you should also plan something big like this!!!

  • Ritika M.
    20/12/2021 09:29


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