Inside Sonakshi Sinha’s Swanky 10 Floor Home

Whether it’s acting, rapping, drawing or even being a barista, Sonakshi Sinha is doing it all. Nihal Ranjit recently caught up with the talented superstar. Check it out. #BrutSauce

04/02/2022 4:27 AM
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  • Md. H.
    08/05/2022 08:41

    Tere halat aisa kiu hai vai... Kisine tere ko pita hay kay interview jane se pehle

  • Vinay V.
    07/05/2022 23:29

    She's also a leftie! 🎉

  • Lordberlin
    03/05/2022 10:13

    dad i need a coffee ☕

  • Pearl R.
    02/05/2022 12:46

    Claustrophobia triggered

  • Vinuvy S.
    02/05/2022 06:02

    Isn't he the same guy who interviewed Sir Shashi Tharoor? Surprisingly the dude is not talking in accent 🤡 like he did when he interviewed him. *Wait he is Using accents in some area* i just can't 🤣

  • Terrence G.
    26/04/2022 07:29

    He can really do something with his hair & also stop asking dumb @$$ questions

  • Ḿanish R.
    21/04/2022 15:29

    Sonakshi?? I mean come on..

  • Safi Z.
    14/04/2022 18:39

    . da singa yar

  • Utopian P.
    10/04/2022 22:51

    She is too old and doesn't look nice also, Yuck dressing and pathetic look

  • Nusrat H.
    07/04/2022 13:53

    Richy rich

  • Maureen V.
    28/03/2022 07:12

    One of the Very beautiful n friendly Indian actress I've seen ..

  • Piya B.
    22/03/2022 21:53

    Sonakshi, after Bengal votes are you climbing upto 20 floors!? 🤣

  • Sutirtha D.
    16/03/2022 10:14

    That's why I love Aamir Khan. Literally one of the most popular personality of india lives in a flat. His humbleness teaches me.

  • Sukh Q.
    15/03/2022 20:32

    His beatboxing was aala.

  • Sukh Q.
    15/03/2022 20:27

    Brilliant sketch n true that making features requires time n FOCUS.

  • Sukh Q.
    15/03/2022 20:23

    Keep talking about 10 floors but showed none, just a very basic living room/living lounge. Lol. Do i need to know she has 10 floors if i can't even have a sneak peak. U don't have money just fall on u, clearly some one did work hard or work smart to own it all, it doesn't really come over one night.

  • Lovely S.
    13/03/2022 03:42

    Jinke itna bada Ghar or gadi hoti hai wo ghar aane par Bina dudh ki coffee pilate hai bass..

  • Rishi P.
    11/03/2022 06:02

    Ghar ka naam acha hai lekin isko ramayan nhi pata strange 🤷🏻

  • Sumita P.
    10/03/2022 09:18

    The Brut host was cool 😁 Wouldn't have been easy, let's give him some credit. Sonakshi was lovely too.

  • Cherry C.
    06/03/2022 10:11

    Can someone can tell anchor name

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